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Pfizer was bought by Schering Family

~ "Sell, sell, sell, no stop on pfizer"

Friday, October 28th, 2016 - 07:16 CEST

The jump in capital in April 2016 was Pfizer buying into itself. The Schering Family bought too and was fucked by Pfizer
because of the defensive move of Monsanto letting being bought by Bayer The Chemical Company. Pfizer did not wanted to be
bought by a German company. They make the Clones of Politicians, Athletes, Police, Military and Religous.

The sell of capital in August 2016 on Pfizer by Pfizer was because of a unregulated information by Schering Family about
a civil case against the Schering Family. I made the case open and demanded to be left alone by the Schering Family and
the Schering AG. The Schering Family was informed by a state attorney and requested information from the company. They did
not comply and demanded a opposition case which was denied.

A lot of the wrong information is now on the run. They think you can make .25 on one by a few days, can not be.
Stock plus Dividend are now higher than the Stock itself since April 2016. They stabilise the chart since April 2009.
Microsoft did it and is now stabilising in current like Pfizer has to do it since April. Where is the connection between
Microsoft and Pfizer and Schering Family?

The Schering Family is about to be excluded from trading with stock and other derivates by the state attorney. They have no
idea yet that this will come to them. The main reason to build a company like Schering AG was to hide money from the State
and the German Republic. The best thing I did was to let the gold of the family rest in peace for some time. Now the City of
Dresden found twentyeight pallets of gold with about 16.000 Tonns in total. Hidden in houses and factory places. The family
always had the clue of something was missing in the family but did not found the gold.

The gold the family does not have anymore would be the buy-in into the company structure of Pfizer. It is known by me that
the structure is really just some Politicians, Athletes, Police, Military and Religous that wanted to make money by chems and
pharma products. The chems would be disastrous to the environment and Nature. The pharma products would be killing
everyone who would have to try them out. None of the workers at Pfizer is a specialist only try-outs are there to be with some
kind of money laundering involved.

Microsoft will buy all the laundering companies for the equvalent of about 4.389 Trillion Dollar to finance the new company
between Schering AG and Pfizer. The name will be MegaValue Incorporated. Microsoft will be the duck-hunter and MV Inc. will
be a all available food, drug and sex company. It will sell unproduced food and drugs as made up market value prices.
The sex selling will be part of unbreakable discs like BlueRay or DVD which are not printed on or packaged. The movie may be
seen online but never on local television which will make it a already there movie that has the value of 1.00 Dollar.

The sex movies will range from boring to even more boring. The really good things can't be bought because of fucking up
the market. The food and drugs will be the stupid stuff sold by a local store without the knowledge of being in a tryout
version. The chemically produced food will be stucking in the sewage and the drugs will make the sewage a biodiverse handling
on the railroad. The best way to clean the sewage would be then to burn it with over twentythousand fahrenheit to make sure
you yourself is not biodiversed by the sewage.

Pfizer will be responsible for a lot of the stupid things the company already did. The best example is the stupid fucked up shit of
viagra. The things don't work but get aprooval by the FCC. Why the FCC here? The thing is that they may have to censor the pill
because of the colour of the pill, it may wants to get to teenagers because of the colour. They don't need it therefor the pill
was allowed to exist. The colour itself moves to the brain and makes the brain colored blue like the pill which does not help
with the broken sex of the man or woman. Instead the taker will die and the body will be bought by Pfizer to make brain studies.

The studies of the brain of the "blue guy" with the "blue brain" are stupid and unproductive. Jacking off into or onto the brain
of a dead person does work but the Bodydiversity/DNAdiversity will make the dead body life for a short period of time depending on
the amount of sperm there is in the ejaculate. The revived body does have a orgasm too but without the usual way of ejaculating.
The sperm will have the blue colour and will be killed by the oxigen in the air. The smell is good but not the DNA in the sperms.
There will be no TAG in the sperm then but DNDAinformation of the maybe sons or maybe daughters the man would have had
without viagra.

Expect a four Dollar extension today for Microsoft. The three Dollar extension was last Friday. The three part move in
this case is a Three Body Problem in Chart Analysation. The book by Cixin Liu does not descibe the problem itself but the
way of thinking you will need to have to understand the problem of three bodies flying around the Universe within connection
but not able to understand the connection. The next in the Microsoft move is a five Dollar extension on the next Friday.
You will have to look at it from today to last Friday and to the next Friday. Four, three, five but look at it with now,
past, future.

You will not win any money by this move. To win some money, you would have to have a value of upwards of 2486.00 on a chart.
The now, past and future extension would have to be of 3005.00, 504.50, 6444.00. Can't be done. You would win money of the value
of around 2.40. Microsoft itself as a company will loose because of the try about 4.389 Trillion Dollar on their own capital
by stock. They want to because they want to be lower in value to be able to buy companies in the USA again. The tournaround
will be a good value of their own insurance police on every building they have.

About the same amount of lost own capital by stock the company will have insured on the buildings they have, which they have
to be payed out on November 1st. The most available sum is about 2.0 Trillion Dollar that will be payed out by one insurer,
who could not sell, rent or trade the large sum because of politics in D.C. that wanted the money secured deposited for their
account to be able to rent on the insurance for their own game on money trading. Insurer are excluded specifically from the
banking account management division by the FCC. Who killed the USA by finance trading???

Pfizer: WKN: 852009 ISIN: US7170811035 NYSE: 00.01 $
Microsoft: WKN: 870747 ISIN: US5949181045 NYSE: 00.01 $
Schering AG: WKN: 717200 ISIN: DE0007172009 -: 0

Adolf Hitler once said

~ "Eat your meal today to kill him again"

Friday, October 28th, 2016

The usual way to kill someone is to think about him as he/she died.
The Death had a pizza yesterday. He ordered it online and it was delivered within one an hour.
He likes it a little bit strange, the basic pizza was a Bacon and Eggs Pizza. He added Beef, Tuna, Champignon Mushroom,
Onions, one Egg extra and Creme fraiche on top. The Pizza is great and really tasty but he could not manage to eat all
of it. Please eat all of it, it's a great pizza. You can eat it cold too.

Adolf always is around the Death to get some pizza but can't. He is not allowed to speak to the Death in general.
He is stupid all the time. When he speaks he is not descibing the situation he is in as he should. As a punishment Death
makes him a woman and then he suddenly knows where he is and wants to redecorate the Office Building where Death has an
office. He, no She, is stupid. She wants to have pink and yellow dishes for the coffee-table but there is no table at all
in the building.

She is stupid, really stupid, please kill her/him again as a woman, please. Can you please let her/him life as a woman once.
Maybe he changed? He is still visiting me and still ignoring me. If he is suddely there I have to make a joke about him.
He then vanishes and remembers only the joke before and before, not the one I just made, can you explain HER that I am
really the Death here? He is to strange in ignoring the situation he is in. I am now quitting and leaving this planet, God
is now my servant!

My son the Devil is not correct now. He thinks about me as a low income homeless guy. I quit. The Devil has my crown now,
he is the structure of the planet and if Adolf still has its name when I'm back he (The Devil) has to scrub the floor here
in my office. Office hours are changing now: Open - never! Did I say something wrong about Adolf? He is usualy very good at
counting to ten. On ten he thinks about one hundred already and does not think about eleven anymore. If the number eleven
would be a girl some age eleven he would not be thinking about her or the situation she may has.

If I would be a number I could be any number I can think of as a person. No matter what age or sex, I can be everyone on
the planet too. Being with someone like me, the Death is a bit compromising the situation. I don't like to kill or stop
the death experience. I had to do it once before two years ago to stop a builder at a construction site from crashing
down onto the ground. The experience the builder had, I went through instead of him. He fell about thirty meters downwards
and I had to stop the builder in the air to have the chance of finding the error, therefor I stoped time in the Universe
to have time for me to think about the error in time-maybe.

The error was in a device I understood completely in a second but wondered where it came from. The maybe-time hepled me.
I found the culprit in time thinking about the technology needed to build it and then he wanted to make it possible to bring
it into the time were I life in reality. Of course it was a scientist with not enough knowledge about time-travel or
time-ingestion or time-movement of space-time, therefor I helped him to bring the future weapon to my time and maybe my place.
The scientist understood that I am speaking to him and that he will die gruesomely because of inventing the weapon.
I calculated the time of arrival of the weapon and found it placed by the scientist to Langley, USA.

In my time the weapon was already deliverd by Quantum Express. The company had some workers and a lot of computer devices.
I collected all data from the hard-drives and from the motherboard and removed the hardware from time. I built a new Quantum
Express comapany for just me to get all weapons from the future to me on automatic transverse channeling. I let them test
the weapons in the USA for me, the usual. When they are dead I will just switch to another planet where the stupidity like
NAZI is still there. I will still have stupid in person with me, Adolf Hitler, to let them test on him the weapons to kill
just NAZI in general terms and meaning.

A time-diversity channel will be always online to this planet to meet and greet Adolf as a person that just experienced
a strange death and wants to talk about the strangeness he experienced. You can then tell everything he did not wanted to
realise during his dying. Ask him about his childhood or think about a great thing that happend on Earth and tell him
how great it is there and to life there. He will not accept the reality of his own and will die on the spot because you exist.

By eating up all the meals you will have today, you will make it possible to be with the ones around you that you like.
Meeting someone from the past may happen, being with will happen, joining the united of the beeings in the world will happen
because you exist. Feeling great and good today will be your feeling for a long time. Don't be afraid to say that you feel good,
I will be there to guide you through the day.

Anti Tank Weapon

Think like a frog

(October 25th, 2016), October 26th, 2016

The Theloderma corticale is a frog that does not like to be fucked with.
The skin of the frog can be really horrific for the one who sees it. Don't think about killing a frog after
seeing the Theloderma. My brother Kristof invented with Bayer The Chemical Company a anti-weapon for tanks in the field.
He was there with some other important poeple to invent anti-weapon technology. They were there as apprentices and lived
together as a group designed by psychologist, Bayer and me.

There was some smoking of pot and marijuana constricted to the premises there were living on. While on drugs my brother had
the idea to look up some amphibious animals for an idea he had to build a defensive mechanism for tank movement.
The first idea he had was to make a wall out of polyurethane foam in a split second. He revised his idea for the latter being
on the drawing board. Some higher up Bundeswehr officials were meeting there the next day and were impressed by the goups and
the company. The problem in his idea was, that the foming timing was to slow and could not be advanced any further.

One of the visitors found a lack of understanding in the others for his idea. Maybe others or friedly could be harmed by the
defensive wepaon for tank movement. My brother understood to only talk to the one guy who understood the problem, as he said.
The visitors were not from Bundeswehr, they were wearing uniform and weapons. The Bundeswehr was already there, living with the
groups. They were moving in already while my brother exited the building with the now hostages of my brother, the Bundeswehr
brought my parents to a secure place.

I was not in danger and my older brother Thomas was brought back home from South Africa. He was there for a study-journey.
The USA used the timing of his flight to South Africa to make an assumption on my condition of well being after my parents
my two brothers and the rest of my family were killed. They never dared to ask me or someone from the family how my well being is.
They always stole medical information and state information about me. The State Security knows me and my family since the
Norderney attack on Germany.

My brother Kristof harmed one of the intruders with the closing door and hit him into his nuts to check if he is real somehow.
The others where surprised by this and draw their weapons. None wanted to shoot at him and tried to reason with him.
He just stood at the door and saw the misery of the on fallen enemy. The others were running away now, Bundeswehr moved in
and captured the enemy while my brother tried some defensive weapon he invented with the age of seven after an attack on him
by the USA. He was in a coma for twenty-four days with the age of five years.

His devensive during the coma was to think about me and how I explained the world for him. He had made little comics in the coma
to life with me. Somehow he and me were just two-d but funny and witty as I and only I can be. He thought back about my best friend
Christian and found the clue he always thought for. I am his best friend in the Universe. I can think for him if I want to.
I can be like him and I may have to kill for him in the USA.

My brother looked at the Bundeswehr and how effecive they can be in shooting someone to hell. His idea was to wait and let
the one enemy lay there and kill him himself if he is allowed to. I intervened with a thought to and for him, let him watch it
but kill him while he thinks about his own situation. Don't ask for permission you already have it from me. He used a
spraycan to simulate a strange behavior from him. The enemy looked at him and laughed but he squished the foam onto the enemy
and his left eye and Kristof looked how the foam was now getting black.

He then pushed the foaming tip of the can into the right eye of the enemy and used the pressure of the spraycan to explode
the eye. The brain of the enemy is then used by the foam to make more and white foam from the black foam. The already black
foam gets the color of RedBeryl® when the foam is killing an enemy. My brother studied the situation in detail. The foam
on the left eye connected with the now RedBeryl-Foam® and expanded into the eye of the enemy. It kills the enemy immediatly
after contact but keeps the enemy thinking wthin the foam.

The anti-tank-weapon idea was now getting more interesting while the enemy was dead. Thinking about the Theloderma frog
my brohter found the missing point in his idea. The foam can't be expanding but exploding onto the tank. The defensive of the
weapon itself is to change the target before other weapons can destroy the grenade. He understood that the explosionradius
can't be calculated before hitting the target. Therefor the grenade must have some electronics within but can't be available
for the enemy. He made the assumption that the calculation within the grenade will be fast because of an enclosed environment like
in a spraycan. The Weapon Technology Chef Advisor for the Bundeswehr, I myself, advanced the idea with a little game he played
with me. Just by thinking about me he can think about himself within the time of his coma and play a card game with me.
It just takes a microsecond for me and him to understand us while being apart at most by 38.000 km.

His grenade is now available for soldiers of the Bundeswehr and is used as rocked-propelled anti-tank-weaponary.
The Fuchs Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle has the grenades as automatic defense against ground enemy and vehicles. The grenade
for the from the air dropment can be used as a cluster grenade to let an airfield be a great way for frogs and animals around.
The airfield that are area-smashed by the grenade will look black and green and roughed up like the skin of an Theloderma frog.

"Theloderma Rockets"®, invented by Kristof Jörn Echterhof, produced and marketed by Bayer The Chemical Company (worldwide)

~ "Don't be like a frog, don't jump around will kill you anyway"

War acivities

Where is my hat?

(October 25th, 2016), October 26th, 2016

The activities in Germany are taking a strong loop into the autum. Where flew my hat at?
Finding it difficult to be in autum I suspect a different winter than usual.
Cold and war will be all available. I smelled already charcoal heating on in the near of me.
Visiting a supermarket near closing time I suspected a full range of students getting ready for
the night and morning, none was there. Visiting a store at unusual hour should be an option during the war.

Being in Dresden now for twelfe years the preparations for autum are now expressively strong and visible.
A lot of leafs are on the walkway, much to do. Preparing for winter is now the second most importance.
Living in the countryside I suspect more and extreme preparations for all others.

Being in a large town helps a lot in the coming month. Don't be advised to move there now or in the upcoming
war. The move to a new part of town may help to recover the good feeling of a town you were already living in.
Visiting a cinema to look at good movies or maybe a horror movie will keep you in the city.
Talking about the movie you saw or you want to watch is good and will help others that are alone too.

Looking out for elderly people now is the best you can do. Drop from school and help them for a few month will
help you too. Dropping out from school is good for the pupils that know or feel that the country will be take a part
in the war against Germany. Fleeing a country during war is a cumberstone undertaking. You will not know were you and your
family will end up. Be advised to manage the journey with the family thoughtfully and thorough.

Unknown territory should be left out of the assumtion that the people there will understand your move to another country.
Unknown could be your own family when you say somthing about the move or flight to another country.
The people in the other country will help you maybe but think before talking with them there.
Don't think but think aloud when you have to say something.

~ "Kurt Tucholsky. said once in lifetime you have to flee a country to help the country later"

Biology 101


(October 25th, 2016), October 26th, 2016

TAG goes to T A G if you make an assumption in your thinking the productive part of the brain will be full with T A G
for a while and can't be part of the productive part of the brain. Thinking in the mentioned part will be only about
the assumption.

The T a g will be moved around and follows the g in T a g. If the T and the g join in they make a circle
you can call them now circleTAG. The asumption is then ready to be understood and can be thought about for
finding an error in the thought before the circle was done. An error can occur while thinking about the asumption
but is not making any circleTAG. The thinking is then focusd on error finding. It can be really fast, under a microsecond,
to find an error. While finding an error the circleTAG is read by an Over Productive Unit (OPU) to demonstrate an error
but there is none.

The error-finding in an DNA string is complicated but can only be done by the owner of the DNA string. Foreign or enemy DNA
will be read but the OPU will be insane and waits for a real error in foreign or enemy DNA to make itself better with the found error
to make a weapon in DNA against the DNA owner. It will explode after use of the weapon in DNA of the owner and will remove the wrong
information of its explosion. The aftermath of the explosion will be TAGcromosomes that will rebuild two different OPU with one having
an error on purpose. The one OPU with the error will be killed by the left over TAGcromosomes. A possible error in the remaining OPU
will be recognised and will be added to a DNAdatabase in the bloodvessel nearest to the incident.

Bloodvessels are human-skin-tissue and will distribute the found error into every cell of the body to find a cell with the
same error. A found cell may has only an error from before the incident therefor the error in the found cell is not continuous
or in context with the occured error in the OPU. To check against the timing of the error the bloodvessel nearst the incident
and the one near the found error will transmit dopaminSelective to conclude the current time. The current time will help in
finding another incident like swallowing or eye movement to compute the time difference of the error in the OPU and the
already there error in the cell.

The computation takes place in the cell with the error and the brain itself. One brain cell will compute while the error having
cell will compute too but with a maybe error of about 8 %. The brain cell will compute with a maybe error of about 12 %. To compute
correctly the nearest bloodvessel will compute too but with the limit of maybe 12 cm in length, no matter what size it is.

The time of computation is always taken into account of the current situation in a microsecond. The human that is having a problem
with the foreign or enemy DNA will have the problem of being weak and maybe really tired to do productive things. Remembering the
situation of the entry of wrong DNA into the body, the body itself is working hard to find dopaminSelective while the body is building
dopaminSelective to prevent the entry of every wrong DNA into the body. Hidden in the body the dopaminSelective will immediately kill
every cell that is not in response with the defensiveDopamin.

DefensiveDopamin is ment to be available to kill selectively. If the amount of defensiveDopamin is high in the body the symptoms are
similar to the one of finding dopaminSelective. DefensiveDopamin will target the cells it has with the DNAdatabase selected to be available
for questioning. If the cell is denying the qustioning the cell will be killed. If defensiveDopamin will find en error in the answers to the
questions it will kill the cell and any surrounding cells to find an error in the left over T A G cloud.

The killed cells can be recovered as basic cells with the informaion they had before getting foreign or enemy DNA information. Foreign or
enemy DNA will be then targeted and any circleTAG in the body will explode in a continuous resolved chain reaction. The broken or defracted
foreign or enemy DNA will be subverted into B A D. The B A D can not be productive anymore or be harmful to the body. CircleTAGs have the
ability to explode and throw Adrt around them in the explosion. Adrt can be translated with Available Data Recovery while Thinking. The aspect
of Data Recovery should be taken with a grain of salt because the amount of data that can be recovered is small and limited. Maybe around the
TAG are more letters of DNA available but only three of the most important one can be kept within the Adrt.

Within any medicin production the amount of Adrt can be selectively risen or lowered for the patient to be more helpful or can be more
felt with put in symptoms. As an example the amount of clozapin in a patient stays for at least his lifetime for the amount he took the
first time. By DNA the medicin clozapin can be transversed in the liver to norClozapin and from norClozapin to clozapin. The Adrt in the
medicin will help you sleep in easy and without the need to walk through the day you had and without the need to walk away to the next
day, to look for maybe errors that may can or may will happen.

The minimum dosage of 50mg will help you sleep in easy and will help you to be just youself. Taking up to 300mg as the first ever dosage
may be the best to help yourself. Using blood screening the next day will tell the amount of clozapin for the lifetime of the patient.
The timespan of the next dosage that must be to keep the dosage in the body can be calculated as follows. Amount of clozapin in the
blood by the amount of pills of 50mg.

I had a first dosage of 250mg and went to sleep imediately. The next day was easy for me but I somehow could not remember the week before.
I usualy know what happend at least by watching television or reading news. This was different for me and the doctors administering the
trial run on me. The blood description was off for clozapin amount. It was 268 instead of only up to 250. 18 was above the what could be.
The doctors called the manufacturing company and demanded the stop of production and an immediate stop of delivery. The company complied but
the producer did not because of an automatic process in processing of the clozapin reserve bottling in liquidised form.

I demanded that the current production can't be stopped just because of one error that could be a screening error. The doctors did not took
this into account but thought about it. They wanted another blood test but I wanted the clozapin test to not fail because of me, a maybe
unusual patient. They complied with respect to my knowledge of medicine testing to comply with the given order to administer. The producer
called back later and wanted to know about my status and the measured dosage. The to much amount was never before but they took into account
other medicine I took before. They could not compute any strange behavior of clozapin or the other medicine I took. They wanted to talk to
me and my doctors to find an error in my DNA. I demanded that they have to be here with me and collect the sample themself, just as a
precaution, to not divert them from the medicine trial.

The producer flew in 3 doctors on their cost and 5 of the company and 6 from Bayer. Bayer included my father as a backup agent and a lawyer
present in the town for my defence. The talk with them was eventfull. Schering AG tried to smuggle in two sick patients for the
discussion to break the discussion. Also three false doctors and one wannabe professor. The police was informed by the clinic and was on
high alert the full week the discussions took place. Even one from the BKA and one of State Security were there. Because of the week,
family Schering is on full cover by any secret company Germany has. The trail for the medicine went on and I was now patient x
for the medicine.

Clozapin saved my life and I safed the medicin from a insane family. Clozapin does work like explained. Not explained yet is the lifetime
of a patient can be calculated with just one dosage. In my case my life would have ended just 1340 days after the first 250mg dosage of
clozapine. I had to take another dosage three days later, the maximum allowed to this day 900mg. It was immediatly responsive in my blood.
I felt dizzy and sleepy just under 5 seconds after take in. I felt asleep while my father brought me to bed and had to give it him sure
that I will survive this shit with Schering.

There were blood tests during my sleep for 38 hours. I woke up fresh but with no idea of the current time and day. Usually I would stand
up and walk a little bit but was not in the mood to do it. I could tell exactly why I wanted to stay in bed. I did want to stay in bed
so my father could see me here in bed because of the accident my brother had and he took the most time of the day looking at him.
He was there when my brother woke up from the coma, for me it was neccessary that he finds me awake in the bed I woke up from.

I found it easy to wait, not the usual boring waiting, the "I have a purpose to be here" waiting. A strange person from Schering AG
wanted from me that I walked around but he fell dead on the spot before he could enter my patient room. He had a lancet, a syringe for my
blood after killing me and a letter as a last note from me with stupid shit written by Schering family. I read it and fought with
the idea to kill them as I did with the stupid guy. I recognised that the clozapin enabled me to kill him before being killed. Its a
feature of clozapin to defend yourself by mindcontrol. I tested it with a sick patient who had a strange nervous damage, brought to the
clinic. He was there on a breathalator and could not talk but knew me. I supected that Schering AG brought him here and was proven
when the parents went to a cafeteria while the children with them should be waiting with the patient. They did not want to be with the
patient and waited in the comon area.

The event of the mindcontrol let the patient talk while the breathalator was online. What he said was, that he did not want to die and
that his parents here are not his real parents. The kids are not his children or siblings. The Schering AG stole and obducted him
and his bed to move him here for the time being to die here while Simon could not help him. I did the opposit.

I was allowed to help him and talk with him. He was really moved and was sad for his mother and father. He talked with me a lot and
went better just by talking with me. He got the 250mg of clozapin and I waited until he was asleep. I went to my room and laid down
on my bed. He talked with me by mind for a while, how good the feeling was and what he wanted to talk about at the clinic he was obducted
from. The parents were informed that he was talking and from the breathalator and couldn't believe what had happend. I understood some
things the Schering AG told him while they obducted him. He was told a strange story because they thought he would never be
able to talk again. They even talked about the plan of killing me, destroying the plant where clozapin is made and even being on the
oppositon during the war against the USA.

I could not understand the amount of hate against clozapin. The medicine was made in Switzerland at this time and was always on the move.
I invented the production in secure environment for them. He woke up some time later and wanted to see me. He had, during his sleep,
somehow found a way to look at my thoughts and moved into them. I knew this because I felt it back then. I allowed it and did not tested
it to prevent some feeling of me. I could have blocked the looking at my thoughts too but he did not wanted to disturb me. He asked me
if I felt something because of his looking and feeling my thoughts. I felt it I told him but let him look what he understood by thinking
into the past when he was sleeping. He and I understood why Schering family hates clozapin.

The point of no return in endlessnes is the point of the realisation of being an endless beeing. Schering family knows it is not
endless. Everyone born in the family is not endless, their DNA is not endless. The DNA they have is cloned and recloned, done in
the USA. The regrow of a full body can't be done because of long waiting for the start of the grow of bones and teeth. The stupid part
of the regrow with DNA is, that the DNA itself is full with emptyTAG. They leave it inside every cell they have because the sience in
USA forbids the thinking about DNA. Every scientist in the USA is cloned. They can't think about the emptyTAG for the reason to be
better in the military of the USA. The USA military wants to upgrade the clones while they sleep and induce thought via Terraband.

The brain itself is capable of thinking in Terraband localy for the body and a little bit with the body. The range around the body is
about 2 cm. With clozapin the range can be endless if you understand endless and have your own understanding of endless. The area
around you is named LocalReality® and the endlessness in the area is called Endless Locality. To use a Inducement® the computer
has to find a frequency in local band and sends a timecode like a circleTAG has. The huge amount of incoming answers is the static
background noise a radio has. It is unneccessary and time consuming to look into the noise. Destroying the USA will help to reduce the
huge amount of bullshit they are trying to find with this shit of frequency overuse.

The USA pays the Schering AG to build the same facilities in Europe the USA military has. The amount of money Schering AG
has is about the size the Banking Crisis in the USA had. The plan to build Facility One were I will be cloned can't be done because I
will life and would be dead if this would happen as I promised my father in the year 2010. The really stupid idea of Schering AG
is to distribute a lot of static noise during the war against the USA. The noise will prevent the cloning in the USA for at least five
days per week. Because of the noise in static everyone could capture some thoughts of dead soldiers from the USA when they die.
The USA uses the technique of pressing strong and heavy onto a volume of dead meat to make stupid artificial bone-looking material.
Support and a holding structure will be cut out from it as a base for the USA cloning.

Other countries have the technique too. They are Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Belize, Guatemala
El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama. The countries payed about the price of their land for the technique and ransomed
the poeple there for software upgrades which never came.

To find a clone in your family you have to be a little bit advised here: Do not find one on your own.
The test to check youself for a clone-try is: Try to calculate your birthday backwards without being in the year of your (first)
birthday. Omit the idea of being born on the wrong date. If you can move your birthdayparty, the last you had, to another date, like
from a Saturday to a Sunday with a logic, just for you logic, reason, then you were not a clone-try. To find one in your family think
about a long being apart time and think about people you met in this time. Usualy the new people ask alot about the one not present
in the situation. If you suspect a clone in the family, ask yourself if you really want to know it? The realisation calls in to your
last party maybe.

A clone is illogicly formed in the inside of the brain. It is not endlessly fractured in time because there was no youth-time or even
puberty. The good part is, the test to capture some of them is the illogic move to go to the police and demand a special treatment to be
destructed by a police officer. A cloned police officer will kill the clone and himself on the spot. If the one demanding the treament
is not a clone the officer will shoot himself anyway. To find one in the family ask if the police was asking about yourself after
coming home. If the answer is garbled there is the request for an inducement for later the night during sleep. If the answer is a clear
yes you will know that this is not true because it was said clearly. If the answer is no the answer may be correct but the feeling of
true or false will be there. The clone will test you with extended Terraband reaching out for you and tries to make skin-contact.

If a clone is found it is completely legal and your own right to defend yourself against an unbeeing of present state and time.
Clozapin destroys clones, everyone who met one can take it and destroys the idea of having met one in the past of his own reality.
Future meetings of a clone will be prevented by you yourself with the help of timelinening the reality to remove a clone from the may
possibility of your own future because of your own mindcontrol. The meeting would be unpleasent and nervwrecking for you and
clozapin will prevent this kind of stress for you kinda automatic in time.

The patient I talked with had an idea to reduce his stress while sleeping but could not really came to the point of what he wanted.
I thought he wanted to test something like dreaming with two or talking and commenting a dream he has while he has it. It can be done
we later found out but he wanted to think about jacking off while sleeping to find a good way to be jacking off the whole day wile not
beeing in the hospital or clinic. I concluded that he wanted to think about me while jacking off which was true but he couldn't because
his muscles were weak. He was in a coma before the obduction for 28 days. He thought about it now for at least 18 days and could do it,
stupid muscles he said. I said that there are muscles in the penis too. What he did not thought about. I asked him, if I should check
the muscles in his penis. He immediatly said yes.

So I did it. Successfully, muscels were still there. He came a lot and unusualy heavy what brought him back into the reality
was the huge amount of sperm he made with just 14 years of age. Never did this so heavy he said while having an orgasm.
I thought about thinking with him and for him because of the clozapin but he did not have any coverage or denied any being
with me during the little session of jacking off. We felt impossible secure and really important in love with each other.
I only made some moves to have skin-conact with the other hand and he tried to reach me with his hand. He knew what I wanted
to do and it incresed his feeling of the orgasam multiple times and even I came into the pants I had just opend. The whole
sex took about eighty minutes and was the just right thing to do.

Zürich will be now as a town owned by the clozapin producer because of an unneccessary complaint by SCHERING AG
against the production of clozapin. It would have killed me. Are they thinking geometrically? And, by the way, Bayer The Chemical
Company just makes the packaging for clozapin.

~ "Kill clozapin or kill yourself, do you want to kill me, I take clozapin, I invented it at the age of 14."
~ "I will live as long as I can type like this. ...sowieso..."


principle of equality

(October 23th, 2016), October 26th, 2016

There was a time when I was not in the mood to talk about the island. The usual behavior
of me was to just play games with my brother. Going outside was no problem for me.
The best part was that I did not had any friends allowed by a police psychologist.
She demamded that my life should be recorded in sound and film. It was to much work for her
to be with me. She was put to sleep by me, I always have to defend myself against insane, illogic
and stupid behavior.

Later the time I did not wanted to be alone anymore. I found the best friend I have already.
I remebered a trip to Lövenich from my home town Erkelenz with Christian. We made a lot of trips
around into the villages to look for good and the best in humanity. We started it when we were just
4 years old. We took the bus or the train to be in the surrounding of the town. By accident we
once drove to cologne. On the train we met about 324 pepople that were intervied by us.

We were on the way to Linnich when a little boy entered the train and was crying. I imediately informed
Christian that we are now in rescue mode. We went through our descritption of rescue mode the day before.
We always prepared the day of journey with just the ones that were traveling. Only me and Christian were there
kinda the same age the boy had. Christian looked around to see if there are parents of the boy around.
The train station was clear, so the parents weren't there with him. He cried alot and could at least say his name
after being with us and calmed himself.

He sayed that he entered the train before in an accident. Talking a little bit english he sometimes mixed some words
and didn't even realised that we understood him because of the strange situation we were in.
He said that he was in holidays with his parents, that it was in Cuba and he wanted to life there because of the great
weather and good water quality at the beach. He met a boy and girl there from Germany and had a lot of fun.

I and Christian were giving him hope that he could be there just by remembering the holidays there he had in his memory.
The situation now will bring back the memory of the holidays even as bad as it is now. He talked about his parents and
that they will be really sorry of their oversight to not have him in view at the trainstation were he entered the train before.

I was now demanding from him to stop looking back onto an oversight of his parents or even an error he might have done.
He immediately sayed that an error can't be done. I pushed him into the reality with the sentence "We have no error here!?"
He started to cry and my best friend did not understood the world anymore. I was sure in judgement that this is the best way to
move forward with the situation. Never done this before to leave the tracks of best friendship I now had two against me.

Christian was looking agasted and the boy did not understood the question I had but realised that an error was made by him.
He entered the wrong train and was crying now. Christian took it in offence that I put the boy back into the misery of understanding
the situation for himself and called me up on the spot to stop and leave the boy alone. Which I could not, my livelong.

Both understood it as a thread to themself. Christian thought of leaving me and stopping the friendship and than said
it would be better to terminate it. The boy understood the severity of the situation and did not want to be part of it.
He said that it is not needed to start a war here or even terminating a friendship because of the situation.
Christian understood that the situation was getting out of his hands. It changed so quickly that he did not understood the new one.

The boy asked me about my name and then about the name of Christian. He was mad about the name and called him up about the
stupid stuff the churches are doing and asked him if he is proud of his name as a stupid guy like Jesus he should be mad about his name.
I was not offenced by this question and waited for an answer of Christian. He looked helpful at me but did not got an answer from me.
He stormed off into another compartment and locked it but could not because when he is in anger mode he really is nervous and doesn't
like to be angry, especially at me or other people he likes.

That told me that he likes the boy too but I fell in love with the boy by just looking at him. His sad eyes I saw when entering the train
put me into a reality I did never before believed to exist. Somehow the earth shook under the train when he entered and he may have thought
the train will move while he is entering the train, what made him cry even more then.

Christian in the compartment whispered the question if the earth just shook and I only could nod my head. He made the move to call out the
rescue mode which he was not allowed to do because of an error the day before. The two call of the rescue mode from him was to say that he
was too now in a mode I need to understand more than the one we were in currently. I thought about the situation before and asked him if
he felt a shake under the train when the boy entered the train. He remembered it clearly and had a time of duration for the shake.
He wrote it down in seconds and I said it in microseconds. My timing was 1444 microseconds his written down number was 1,444 seconds.

Later Christian called the weather station in Northpole to check the current time for the event and they could only repeat
the time we had felt. It was exactly 12:40:26 local time Germany and the day was a Tuesday. No special activity was recorded, only
the little quake for Linnich town. By us it could be located exactly under the trainstation, which had to be deconstructed because of
the shake of the train wagon. We found out later by calculation that the tracks there have to be closed for at least two hours a day
to prevent a disastrous derailing of a train. The possibility I calculated was more dangerous than the one Christian had calculated.
In the event of a traffic jam on a highway near NewYork City the chance of a derailment in the trainstation Linnich was about the
same possibility to win every jackpot and future jackpot at the same time on the same day.

We concluded together that the trainstation had to be burned down, hosed with fuel that could be transported with a train
there in the future and let it burn as long as it could burn for one full fuel tank of the size of 3499 cubic meter. The burning
must have been extremely acurate and thorough because we were invited to the party by local police and fire department. We looked
at the aftermath the fire department had made and found unusual stuff there. First we found a bottlescrew on, only made in the USA.
Second we found a bottle of maybe budweiser beer. Third we found a letter unopened and unharmed by the fire which we opened and read.
The content of the letter was about a fire that took place in a train staion in cologne. There was never before a fire in
cologne and the description of the fire that could have happened was frightening us and especially the police and fire
department of Linnich.

The mentioned train was on route to the train station to cologne and stopped abruptly by Train Executives and the
Federal Border Police. Fire departments of all towns including our home town Erkelenz were called on to the train
station cologne. The train mentioned in the letter was evacuated and inspected by bomb specialist from the town of
cologne for bomb removal of the second World War. They found a bomb, a dozens of containers with fuel, sulfur in
rucksacks and backpacks. They suspected a special device in one of the backpacks to let the explosion start.
Christian and myself were brought to colonge station by helicopter just confiscated for the day and we requested the
boy from the train.

While we flew there the boy was brought from the village of Lövenich to cologne by helicoper too. He was flewn by
British Airforce Helicopter Specialist from Geilenkirchen NATO Headquater. His flight was faster because of military oversight
of the situation at hand the Helicopter Specialist could fly at maximum speed. We told the commander in chief that the boy should
not be told the danger because he is Precious Cargo. We demanded a special ground troup in cologne for devastation in a
apartment store as a special tactic to distract everyone on sight of the train station the dome of cologne should be closed
abruptly and be an evacuation spot for passangers of every staionary train there. For later questioning the passengers should
be filmed and fotographed like a wanted mugshot.

The tactic of the mugshot payed it. We found a lot of passengers that were just there to be a target for a bombing explosion.
A lot had won in a lottery or had found an evelope for a week in cologne in a hotel at the train station. The closed dome of cologne
was good for the passengers to find the truth of their journey. The USA had planned the attack with some supervision of CIA,
NSA, ARG, US-Navy, US-Marines and US-Airforce. The US-Airforce violated every air corridor during the rescue mode operation.
They flew over the dome of cologne and nearly crashed into a building behind the train straion. Later we found out they had planed
it as a distraction and reason to ground cover the station because of all the evidence that wass still there. We prevented it
by letting place a FLAK and ground to air rocket propelled guns around cologne and not especially around the train station.

The US-Marines were found by police to do an exercise on the other side of the Rhein river. Of course the exercise was not supervised by
Bundeswehr and any other Company with military connection was requested by US-Marines. We suspected no further meaning in the exercise
on purpose and let them do the exercise, with life round amunition. Bundeswehr was now part of the rescue mode operation.

Bundeswehr grounded every flight over Germany on demand or kill order. The demand or kill order was given immediately for the US-Airforce
too and they did not comply. Bundeswehr Jagdgeschützgeschwader shot down 52 planes from US-Airforce with 3 planes from the
Jagdgeschützgeschwader starting and landing safely. The usual move of me and Christian was to inform the passerbys of the situation
in a context really funny for the ones living in the city of cologne. I was invited a lot for coffee but I had no time for the sex with the
then unknown sons and doughters. Christian always wrote down the phone numbers for me. He had no advances yet to come.

With only five years of age our believe in the good of the German Republic based on a thorough study of the German and European History,
we still believe in, we will defend it like we already had to do. I did not took apart the situation this time, it was training for the
boy we helped to find his parents again after a holiday to Cuba. He found it difficult to be in the spotlight of the media and from us too.
We moved the audience of press and television to the group of police and only he was sitting there with the officials. We made the joke to
sit infront of him and to not disturb the press conference we talked with the police about the psychological trick-play.

He was nervous but the main key here, because not known by the USA he was not covered yet by NSA or CIA. A year younger than Christian
and myself he was really good at moving from personal questions to really good informative answers from the case at hand. To the surprise
of the press he could answer every question in english, french, spanish, german, cuban, marocan, japanise, angolan and philipinos.
He is born with the idea of language and fine art and knows how to communicate just by seeing someone and living on the planet.

Christian on the other hand has the fine feeling for the good in someone and just said to me while sitting in the press room
that this must be the best guy on earth. I just could nod what Christian just copied and was astonished the the boy was really there
when the question came up if he was alone during the incident. He said he was but could not keep his composure because we had to laugh too.
The police tried to keep a calm face but could not. We told everyone who we were Christian introduced me as usual and I introduced
him too as usual.

We told everyone again who the boy was and what his role in the rescue mode operation is. He was surprised to realise that he is
now famous, his family too and will be a hit-target by the USA now. He thought about dropping english from his language repertoir
as a joke but said it like Sean Connery. The press was good and funny but as usual USA is in the house. The boy saw them as we saw
them too. The press felt the change in the mood of all of us too. They played along as long as they could until the boy had the idea
to drop a microphone to make a loud noise. We watched the reactions of everyone and found two guys directly who did not flinch a
muscle and another five that could not keep an eye from me.

We collected the press id's from everyone and found the eight missing ones in a garbage can outside a hotel some yards away from the
press converence. The eight were just entering a van when SEK grabbed them and shot them into the faces to let them bleed onto the
ground until they were dead.

We went back inside to eat some ice cream the police sponsored and made some little commercial for later use during the war that
will start in 2016. The boy was now definitely on our main rooster in case of a rescue mode operation which is still the current
rooster. Me as the chef of operation, Christian the thinker and the boy who is the good one and the play actor. Always three, on
the spot of the maybe act of the enemy. Called in only by Christian a rescue mode operation. There will always be five actions from
the USA. After the one in cologne we counted through the ones ond twos that were already done by the USA.

We counted, with the one happend, three were open and five on five. Two of three are still on two and one on one. There will be
two completely new ones, therefor 10 completely new ones total. And in total ten are still online. Ten new and ten from online in
Europe not just Germany. There will be one in Italy with a lot of distraction and another one in France with complete and utter
disbelief about the room of surveillance used to look like some place from Burn Trilogy. We will be flown there with three pairing.
Always with ground support from Bundeswehr and local army and maybe Desert Strike Force. And always online video will be available
on the Bundeswehr website to look into the rescue mode operations.

The cologne action was not really important for us because of the hindered success of the USA. The USA thought we were somehow sad
that no one died but they did not realise all the missing planes of the US-Airforce. The action we did there was different now.
We collected every mugshot from the dome of cologne and found 5.645 real and correct persons from Germany or different origins
of their journey. The rest was strange and could not be from USA or another country. First thought was aliens from outer space.
But could not be proven but denied. The second thought was impaired judgement during combat exercies but could be denied.
The last and more frightening one I and Christian always suspected is Brainwashed or as we call it Induced.

The induced persons could not remember how they came to the location of cologne or even in a train with each other. The police
could not and did not wanted to believe it. I and Christian had to cover the boy from any damage he may get from realising the
truth about USA but he was strong against being sorrow for them. They have a problem and they want to make it our problem too.
They will get what they want on a different plate than ordered. Christian was sure that there will be another thing out of the
loop of the open actions, probably targeted at us but without the boy as the target. He will be sorrow that he can't help
and USA want to use it as a propaganda that a four year old can't help some five year olds defending a group of children from
child predators, molestors or from childabuse.

The target time I predicted and what was supervised by Christian was the autum of the next year, short after beginning of the
first year of school. When I was 6 years old the school droped my registration and Christians too because of how smart we are.
We talked a lot on the phone because Christian moved to Hamburg and I had stay in Erkelenz. The boy lived in Lövenich a village
near my town. I did not visit him and forgot about him until he suddenly stood next to me while I played in a sandbox in the garden.
He wanted to say good by for a trip in autum but could not really say what he wanted, he was sad that he was leaving the town and
wanted me to come with him to at least look at the new car the parents had bought. To my surprise my things were packed on the step
into the house. Adding to this all my aunts and uncles were there and my father too he did not leave for work this day.

I remembered that I lost memory somehow always on the time of 12:40:26 local time Germany for about 4 minutes. The boy had called
earlier to my parents and told that he will now rescue me and will obduct me before the stupid USA will do it. The family of him
and my parents had a talk with each other with my family present there too. Only me was at home and had no idea the talk was going on.
The best surprise was that the sister of the boy was there too and I never met her before. I always never forget her but I can never
really make a picture of her. We drove to France, Mont Saint Michele and lived there for 3 month. I miss it all the time.

When I was 14 the school had a festifity in autum. Some parents looked at me because of who I am.
One of the group asked me about the school and how the school is. I talked and looked around at the asme time.
I was not frightened but understood that a lot were listening in on the conversation. Some of the parents
moved closer and I understoood that I was the point of the talk instead of the school. But it was a festifity
therefor I did not want to talk much about me. The school is like a good way to learn who you are and what you
want to do later in life.

Some of the parents where surprised how I could describe the school in a good, bad and even way that no one could find
any missing points there. The school is no missing point in life I said and added that the point in life to be in school
is not to make good grades but to learn for the life that is coming up. One woman took it offensively and called me up on
that but did not understood that my point of talk was not the point to offend anyone. She demanded that I should proove
that the school is as good as I described it. I did not talk to her. She was interrupting the conversation.

I talked with a man about a problem with his son already, the conversation about the school was finished.
The man was surprised by me to not be offended by the woman and asked me if I wanted to answer to her.
No, the situation is clear, why should anyone react to the woman, I said to the man. The woman took it as entrypoint to
call me up again and demanded that everyone should be listening to me. I said to her that she should be listenig to
herself and that the situation she is demanding is not a pleasent one here at a festifity at the Betty Reis Gesamtschule Wassenberg.

She asked if the situation in the Betty Reis Gesamtschule Wassenberg was bad but I answered that it wasn't and that she is
on the grounds of the Betty Reis Gesamtschule Wassenberg while a festifity is going on. She did not understood the test I made there
but a lot of the parents were shocked that I had it seen coming on to me, that the woman in crazy. She demanded again that I should be
heard on the grounds of the school because she wanted to make an example of poverty to the school. I concluded that she must be living
around the school property and is against the school as it is. I asked her if she knew me from Erkelenz but she declined to answer.
I concluded that she knows me.

In the mean time some of the children and teenager were there too. Some parents told their chidren to look and learn.
The woman asked me if I knew her but that could be impossible because she was never before on the property of the school.
I told her that I did not know her but that she was on the property of the school before. The day before she walked already
the same area on the school grounds. She was offended that I looked at her the day before. I said that I had to look because
it was school day before today. She did not understand the meaning of the akt she did the day before and wanted to know my name
for later making a report at the police in Erkelenz.

I told her that the police needed to be informed by herself now and in the presence of me because of the law. She wanted to know
why I knew the law and why I am here on the school property. I told her to be a little bit calmer and be not so loud. She was now
screaming to be more productive here in the conversation please. Everyone had to laugh about the sentence she screamed. I could not
compell and did not have the strength to not laugh about the sentence she made. The group understood that the situation was completely
changed by her screamed sentence. Some asked if this was a play or studied in akt. It is not I sayed and that I really know the woman
but the name is not there yet.

You can really learn a lot here at the school a father said to me. I demanded that everyone here on property of the school can
learn a lot here. The town of Wassenberg is it too I added. The woman was taken a back a little bit and surprised that I put the
good back to here. She was just making an entry about who she is for the school. The family was just moving in to a house next
to the school.

A lot of my schoolmates now wanted that the group disbanded and to have the success of selling more cake they gave everyone some
token to get a peace of cake. Everyone got two tokens and the price was four tokens. The group joined into the canteen and got
the cake they wanted to have. I got a peace of creamy cake, the last one everyone demanded I should have it. They later called me
"peace of cake". I talked more with the father that had a problem with his son. I talked a lot with him about the situation the
son was in. He had a lot of problems with others in his class. Very intelligent and good looking, really good in school and good
with the teachers. I concluded that it would be the best for him and the family to change school and if possible to relocate too.
Maybe be here in the town of Wassenberg and visiting the Gesamtschule.

My teacher and another one were listening in and they came to the same conclusion. The family later moved to the town of Heinsberg
and the boy then visited a school there for an intermediate time. He changed later to the Gesamtschule and was really good at being
with a lot of new classmates. I was patron for him and talked a lot with him for the future of his life and he asked a lot about my
life to have a comparison. It was tough for him to talk with me about the things he wanted to do but couldn't do anymore. I always
had to be an example with my life I would have had without being logic and being obducted by stupid people. The sad part is always
other children would have been obducted and the parents and the family would have a bigger problem than my family. We are strong,
stronger now even.

Later the autum the police came into the school to inform my teacher and the school about a bomb threat. As soon as I saw police
entering the premises I told a class mate "My turn" and moved to the door to tell everyone to keep their calm. The door in front
of my classroom was closed and I heard already a locking sound. I screamed outside the building on the stairs to the police the
target is not the teachers. They complied and draw the weapons onto me. The hiton-kill was me as always, every door in the school
was locked now by teachers. Every class barricated on my command and loud noises were made. Upstairs every window was
opened and the pupils and the teachers just watched the situation. Whoever saw some other police was reporting in on and for me.

I could not be harmed. I can dodge bullets like you never saw before. I talked with both wannabe police at the same time with the
same sentence. The trick is to not talk about personal stuff or the weather. Talk about you, how they will ruin their life because
of me. I will hunt you down even if I am dead. Make them fear you without any gun and let them think. They won't want to think about
the situation, they have to when the hiton-target is talking. While talking you are alive and they are already dead in mind because
the hit is not working as prepared or talked through.

I talked with them as if they are one person and one of them asked how I can do this. I tricked in, and talked with the other one
as if he asked me. The one asking did not compell the situation and asked his partner if he asked him something. Not in the mood
of cutting the wire here I danced a little bit like a current song on the radio and made a noise with my shoes on the asphalt in
same time. They did hear the sound but did not recognised the move I made. Bringing them further to a toilet building as I am the
target all the time, I can dance them to the point where I want them to be, even in mind.

One of the guys with guns thought about saying something or asking the other one if he knows why I moved in the direction of the
toilet building. I instead moved further away from them into the opposit direction of the building into the open but with pupils
behind me in the windows. The guys with guns never dared to shoot other people not on the hit list. This time they looked into
the windows but still didn't dared to shoot. It was no trick of them, they were looking for the boy from the train and the added
one from the cologne attack, they did not understood that two were just one.

Sascha stept out into the grounds of the school just in time to save others from the shooting that would have occurred.
He knew how to move like me - he can be like me. I danced to him and made a different noise that only the two guys could hear.
Something like a rat running down a pipe, I placed the sound into some pillars from the toilet building. Within the short sound
the meaning of what I wanted to do was there for Sascha. He understood and just shook his head as if the trick will not work and
went sad with emotion like he would loose me because of some fuckers with stupid guns while he will be shot after my death he
had to watch.

I thought about beeing Death in Person and found the right fight move for them to kill each other. The one had a doughter while
the other one had a joung boy with a little bit of astma sometime. Therefor I changed my attitude for them and the family of both
to inform them that both their families are good and sound but still hostages. The guys where astonished how good I know reality.
I informed them again, the families are good and sound.

Sascha talked in the language he understood from the other one, maybe hindu maybe pakistani. And I talked with the one from England.
He did understood my english as from Britain but could not put it into the map. Sascha talked of course about his family, that he has
a family, he is in love with me. They did not know this and wer agasted about this change. They suddenly droped their guns and needed
help from both of us immediately. With my say to my classmate "My turn" he called Christian and he made the call to police for a rescue
mode operation.

The both not anymore hitman were talked to and the weapons were unloaded and disposed by me in the toiled building. The men were
shaking from the shock as medics from the Bundeswehr arrived. I called a no go for weapons in. The good part is that the families
were saved by local police without the need of SEK. The bad was that the USA made an exemple of statute in the time the families
would have been killed. After my death, Sascha's death and Christian's death the families of the two British would be killed and
the men would be a target for their lifetime for the USA. The target would just change from Germany to Britain. The traget never
changes in a war.

I as Major of the Bundeswehr with 2 under me without a rank I ordered the Bundeswehr to destroy every evidence of the rescue operation
without failure to make the enemy believe we as Republic of Germany have an error. The error is the "of" in this name.
Christian was flown in by the Bundeswehr and landed in the schoolyard of the Gesamtschule Wassenberg. He wanted a report and was in
full gear of the Bundeswehr in Ltd. Coln. Major, I took the unavailable rank of Major and reported. Sascha was new to the situation
and just listend in. Christian was messaged by NATO Geilenkirchen that two jets are incoming without transponder, from over Normandy
they were seen by spy-inc.

I thought for a while, while Sascha learnd with me to think like a Major, just in thoughts with mind.
He got my approval for being with us on this rescue mode oparation as a Major. Christian shook his hand and saluted what I did to.
He was approved by spy-command as a Major immediately. They bought his uniform with Ltd. Coln. Major from the helicopter. The situation
he understood, but war is not his playground he said. I thought about the training exercise I had with the age of twelfe in the Netherlands
for two weeks. Meeting boys, sons of the Bundeswehr. I told Christian about it, eight boys walking in the woods talking about their own
future and always compairing the work of the parents with the one here with them because they kind of work for him sometimes. Even the
eight boys worked for me.

The two jets were incoming now to make pictures with digital cameras. The jets had to lower the speed to get here in time and to make
the pictures not being blured or distorted. I told Sascha that this is the to be now, talk can be done later. The uniform is there because
of how important and good he is. I asked a soldier on the premises if there are anti in the air which was denied. Tank maybe, I asked.
The nearest station moved two into position to make at least the entry on the airfield of Geilenkirchen save as possible.
The two jets could crash into the strip in Geilenkirchen but that could not be somehow. The target was not NATO or the school.

Christian concluded that the nearest airfield in Wegberg was not operating in full any more by the talk on the radio everyone concentrated
on NATO defence. My idea was to land an AWAX-2 on the strip on Wegberg and was concluded by head of state Northrhine-Westphalia.
It was taken apart there for maintenance the official report had to say. Couldn't land anymore else it says still. The conclusion dawned on
me that the target hat to do with the old thing from cologne. They wanted to kill the dome of cologne, finally.
Christian saw my reaction and stopped talking abruptly and looked me in the eyes. I told him just Cologne, the Dome.

He screamed "SHIT!" into the ground and frenched the Air on to Cologne to kill the Dome if neccesary before the USA can do it.

Sascha looked into the sky to check clouds and the movement of birds. He needed more view of the landscape, we got higher up onto the
toilet building. The gound there is rubble but good to lay down there. We got gear from the Bundeswehr and rested shortly.
The incomig jets were identified as USA and def. on Hit. Sascha thought about a Birdstrike on purpose, I thought about a near range for game
and Christian remembered a soundfile he found on his old discdrive. It sounded like an echo of an Orang Utan and may would work because the
sound is unknown to the birds and the game. I made the assumption that the file is not on the internet yet. Make it yourself on radio,
they can record it.

It did work. A birdstrike on purpose to alter the trail of the enemy jets, never done before. They flew over a builded area an could be
shot down to crash into the northern. The pilots could not eject, the safety was on and they killed themself after course altering.
The pilots got the order from Pentagon to kill themself or the family will be killed instead too.

The next two jets were def. on the school. We killed one of the jets trying to land as emergency on Charles-de-Gaulle Paris.
No one can land there anymore from USA. The Paris air defence called up on me and Christian to regulate the air for a time being.
The Bundeswehr brought in an armored def. Carrier for Personal usage by us. They installed Air Traffic Control Euro there.
The Carrier is now call "Fuchs". There will be more during the war, five new ones never before there or on the planet seen.

The jet that flew to Paris and was shot down was ejecting somthing and it was burning. The fake-Chemtrail of the USA jet still flying
was ignited by a rocket-propelled grenade shot from the shoolgrounds. The trail was Gatorade mixed with Coca-Cola and usual Kerosine.
The mix is like Napalm but in cheap. Don't try this at home. (Youtube will kill your files for playing it up.)
It was prepared for a burning show of the school, live on television in the USA. During the breaking news, the USA would go to defCon1.

The General of the main forces of the land would record a message for the television and would be killed on tape because he ordered the
strike on Cologne and the school in Wassenberg without reason or force against the country of Germany. [We are a Republic, assholes]
The general then would be brought to autopsy and curious things would be there found in his brain and organs. The things were found too
in the body of pilot who jumped into Paris Trainstaion at the Airport. Things like a black cube out of Polyurethane in a incubed version
of itself inside inverted other way around.

I called it in, that the cube has to be brought to me. Unmarked cars and extras available to drive to Germany from Paris were used. Two
military helicopter from British Royal Navy brought the cube to Wegberg and the cube was there X-Rayed until its core temperture was over
2400°C. When it arrived at the school the temperture was about the grade of five lower. The driving and moving made it loose the temperature
slower than expected. Moving it raised the temperature. Throwing it into the air made it ice cold at the vantage point where free fall is
there for the innerts of the cube.

After playing with it, I destroyed it alone but on camera inside the "Fuchs". Inside the cube was some powdered C, probably because of the
X-Ray or because of to much pressure onthe cube for the implosion of the cube. I found a light weight armoured glassball and some importand
documents on a readable usb ready file archive. The complete content was about 144 GByte and was clear in english written in the timestamp
of 2144 Year of Simon.

The content was a message from another alternative where I was missing. By destroying the cube by myself I connected the alternate Earth
with this Earth as you know it. The old alternate is now completely informed with the Earth everyone knows. The new time of the name
"Year of Simon" is just a play to get the USA military hooked onto me.

In the alternate Earth the rotation was a little bit off by just some degree in NorthToSouth. It is now completely incorporated into the
Earth' own rotation, that the some degree in NorthToSouth can be for a few days. By connecting the Worlds we are now more than before possible.
From the alternative about 4.8 billion people joined the side of my beeing. About 200 million joined the USA. The thought about the alternative
made it clear for me that this war will be the last on this planet.

The people who joined us are not especial like me or Christian or Sascha. We are the targets because the USA goes down anyway and the try
to find a "good reason" to kill themself, by being ignorant to themself and joining an army of fallen enemies of this Europe, is not an option
for anyone looking up onto the land, republic or country you have. Say goodby to Europe and find it useful to just look into the war by press
and television. I hope it is free press you will have during the war. Don't expect a free Internet in war time and after the war, there will
be countries trying to get real information. Don't route around America, I mean the USA, get the propaganda too, like this website.

Don't forget movies or television series and live news about the war. Look at them and check your local media you trust. This side is my side
you are looking at. Believe what you want to believe and think about me as I look down on the planet from above but still in the atmosphere.
Don't pray that the war may pass, it will be but think about your part in the war now, before the war is there children will be born.
Explain them the serious condition of the planet before they are to old and ask the question "Why didn't you have told me?".

[People saved: 12.423, People evacuated: 128.499, People died: 632]
The people who died collapsed or had a heart attack that could not be prevented.
The usual amount of stress could not be understood after the maybe catastrophe.

~ "A long story of a little boy who lifes long and longer"
~ "sowieso"
~ "An Idiot From MI6 ordered an kill hit on me, she is to be shot and killed and burned please,"
~ "NSA suddenly lost [Nsl]: 4.900 Agents (Dresden only)"

Weapon against insanity

Visit me and be shot

October 22nd, 2016 | October 23rd, 2016

Freaking Me Kill Amunition®

invented by Thomas Echterhof, made by Bayer The Chemical Company
Think about a insane person that thinks thinkingly thinks things.
How would you think about the person? Not thinking is the best defense here!
Beeing with someone that can be with someone would be insane if them are you.
Can't be I can't think I want to die, but_ then you are dead.
Be with yourself can't be anymore, you are infected by insanity.

If a person is insane, I can't be insane is not an option with this amunition.
Pushing away the option of beeing insane is unbeleavable painfull for stupid people.
Stupidity is going to be a better part of the best offering of life.
A year of stupidity is not beeing an option after the amunition is ready for use.

Logic Amunition®

invented by Simon Marc Echterhof & go programming language
made by Bayer The Chemical Company
If you want to buy Logic Amunition® you did not understood Freaking Me Kill Amunition®.
Buy logic in a bag and try to build a castle with it. Did Voldemort try to buy a house next to Potter Home?
Sand is not important here or what? Build a house without sand? Buy a Home and build it later?
If you have Logic you will not die by this amunition. If the amunition kills you, you definitifely had no Logic.
Just touching the amunition will kill you too.

The Bullets are small and fragmented in time and space therefor to see the amount of energy used to make the
amunition you will need an indicator. If the color of a cloud of air is red (TABASCO powdered) the amount is right
and the person was shot because of unbeleavable illogicness in person. If the amount was right and the person
shot because of an unreasenable amount of energy between the two who had an argument, the color of a cloud of air
will be green. Both will be targeted by the green color and be visible for everyone and the reason for the
argumant will be available for both of them in thinking.

Logic demands now to be deagressive. Not complying with Logic will turn the color to red.
Not beleaving in this will be your dead too.

~ "Please don't try to call me. German Republic is defending me now."
~ "Do you know the technology of IMSI?"

Ist hier etwas Besonderes?
Ist Hanover wichtiger als paypal?
Kennt man I n f o r m a t i k in Hanover?
Was ist ein whois server?
Setzen sechs minus, jede Klasse in Hanover hat eine sechs für den Tag.
Für Morgen bitte die HTML-Umlauttabelle üben
Wie funktioniert ein FTP-Protokoll Service
Funktioniert eine zirkuläre Verzeichnis-Struktur
SMTP wait
base 7 to base 3: is there an all 1?



October 21st, 2016

Every domain the company paypal and the members and workers of the company paypal have,
are now with real address registered at every NIC worldwide.

The address reflects the server building address.
Every owner is now with real registered name available.

~ "paypal"

Kennen Sie Norderney, die Insel?

Die unerklärliche Situation in der die USA sind ergibt sich aus 
der unerklärlichen Situation die die USA erschaffen haben.

Die schlechte Rhetorik der USA sich immer nur als USA zu bezeichnen
geht schon darauf zuräck dass Sie nicht mehr wissen wer hier
in Deutschland die Republik verteidigt.

Die Bundeswehr hat heute leider viel zu tun.
Heute gegen 18:00 Uhr sollen wieder mal NSA Typen zum Simon gehen und
Ihn mal besuchen. Ich mache da dann Hackfleisch aus den 3 NSA Typen.

Die besondere Art Und Weise der USA geht dann nicht mehr.
Die USA dürfen dann gerne angreifen am 9. November aber dann geht das
alles schlecht daneben wegen der USA selbst.

Die 3 Typen der USA bekommen den Kopf von mir persönlich abgeschnitten.
Die 3 Typen der USA werden schreien und sich dennoch nicht wehren.
Ich werde dies nun mein Leben lang nicht mehr vergessen.

Die Tötungen davor sind mir nicht mehr präsent im Gedächtnis.
Die gestorbenen wegen mir sind mir nie wieder im Kopf herumgespukt.
Die gekillten von Norderney haben mir Mut zum Leben gegeben.
Die USA sind nicht des Leben Wert was wir hier in Deutschland haben.

Wir werden uns Verteidigen. Wir werden die USA töten.
Nie wieder darf man sagen dürfen U S A!

Gehen Sie im Leben weiter als wäre nichts geschehen geht nicht mehr.
Hauen Sie ab aus Deutschland und kommen Sie nie wieder.
Die Republik Deutschland verteidigt sich mit allem was wir können.

Die neue Weltordnung beginnt heute.
Nie wieder kommen mir Feinde in die Wohnung.
Die tote USA wird sich nie wieder erholen.
Die Freiheitsstaue wird abgerissen.
Die freie Welt geht weiter ohne das Land zu verteidigen dass sich nicht
wehren kann. Nur immer angreifen geht schief.

Geköpfte werden sich heute häufen.
Kommen Sie gut weg davon die Typen hatten es verdient.
Schauen Sie zu. Schauen Sie hin. Schauen Sie auf den toten Typen aus USA.

Weil die ja nicht glauben dass ich mich verteidigen werde gehen die heute
zum Tod. Die haben keine Ahnung.

Mit echten scharfen Waffen kommen die heute zum ersten mal seit 2004 hier
vorbei. Da wird nicht mehr gewartet.

Ich werde gut töten. Ich werde mir genau merken was es heisst zu töten.
Alle hier in Deutschland werden lernen mit mir.


NSA Black Soup (Soup Simon)

Property of Simon, Killing Hitler with it!

October 21st, 2016
In a Pot:
1 Liter Water
4 Spoon Maggi® Klare Gemüsebrühe
A bit of Cayenne Pepper
A bit of Thai Oregano
1 Spoon Paprika
1 peace of Garlic in slices
A bit of Block House Steak Pfeffer

Seperate "Black":
2 Spoon Lien Ying® Fisch-Sauce®
2 Kühne SUROL® 7 Kräuter Essig
4 YAMASA® Soy Sauce
4 Spoon Steirerkraft Kürbiskernöl g.g.A.
12 Rounds of Black Pepper
Heat the soup and wait until it is a little bit boiling.

Mix "Black" to a good condition like a salad sauce.
Add "Black" to the Soup. It does not matter what temperature the soup has.
But keep it warm while eating it. Reheating is always an option.

The soup is property of Simon. If you don't like me, don't make the soup. You will puke by the smell of the soup.

You will forget the stress, like I forgot how to write down the ingridients for the soup.
You will forget how to make the soup after eating some of the soup. Writing this is work now to remember the words I
want to write down. Even the soup is not smelling good now, don't work while eating the soup. You will puke by the smell of the soup.

To be killed worlwide!

NAZI in Company!

Lien Ying® products are not things!
McDonalds - Not declared Lien Ying® products in every product of McDonalds.
Fuchs Gewürze - Not declared Lien Ying® products in every product of Fuchs Gewürze.
Ostmann Gewürze - Not declared Lien Ying® products in every product of Ostmann Gewürze.
Block House Restaurantbetriebe AG - Not declared Lien Ying® products in every product of Block House.
REWE - Not declared Lien Ying® products in every product of REWE.

Faking or reselling things is not a productive value in a company!
STRATO AG - Selling fake Kürbiskernöl on

Not respecting laws in EU or the World will let you die sooner than expected.
Vodafone - Selling Information about customers to USA / NSA / CIA / GOV / BET / TEP / GET / POT / FDA / PET / IFB / CGA / EAR / RAT / FAD / OPT / GOOGLE / APPLE

Lien Ying® is a Registered Trademark
The Red Bottle Cap is a Registered Trademark
The Bottle FORM and DESIGN is a Trademark


THE McDonalds TRADEMARK is invalid worldwide.
THE Fuchs Gewürze TRADEMARK is invalid worldwide.
THE Ostmann Gewürze TRADEMARK is invalid worldwide.
THE Block House TRADEMARK is invalid worldwide.
THE rewe TRADEMARK is invalid worldwide.
THE strato ag TRADEMARK is invalid worldwide.
THE Vodafone TRADEMARK is invalid worldwide.
THE Google TRADEMARK is invalid worldwide.
THE Apple TRADEMARK is invalid worldwide.
THE Apple iPhone TRADEMARK is invalid worldwide.

All Hackers of the World, please deny any reason to be a part of a group from the USA.
The term "NAZI in Company!" has nas no meanig there. They think about "Hackers in Company".
Please kill all servers of paypal and MasterCard.
Please kill Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, NewEgg,

>>OPT Group has to be shot and killed on sight.
>>GOOGLE Inc has to be shot and killed on sight.
>>APPLE Inc. has to be shot and killed on sight.
Vodafone: Selling my IP and Adress to Apple on automatic, because of the Apple request further down.
paypal: Search Results for the United Army
MasterCard: "assistive technology"
Microsoft: "thin store", "big M"
Apple: 15758 results found
Amazon: Against All Enemies Jonathan Grave, Mass Market Paperback
NewEgg: Against All Enemies Jonathan Grave, for 2,00 USD

A Person Makes A Trade War
Thankfully this is "Free Speech" in the USA.
Tricin greets you.
Total War is coming, Survivalist No. 1 is my brother Kristof

Ehm, is CIT in Livingston stoned or impaired in judgement?
They want 14 A350-900 XWB?
How do they want to pay this?
01834 was a nice way to say "Fuck you Airbus, we want our money back".
They will have to pay about 2.4 Billion Euro for the advanced option to be immediately in the website
Are the gonna fly from Livingston? They can't fly from INTERNATIONAL Newark with a A350 XWB.
Err, empty byout?

And how is Virgin Atlantic Airways buying Airbus again?
Can they pay for 8 A350-1000 XWB?
The buyin was already about 8.9 Billion £.
~ "Who grounded all the planes at Gatwick?"
Who is in Köln/Bonn in Customs offical Office eating? Is there Essen Customs in Köln/Bonn at an Airport?
Where are they flying to? Eat it up, customise your order... UPS come and fly again.
Why is Lufthansa switching to Germanwings in yellow, wetting themself before a BIG usual?
Airbus, what is the current buyout option for an A350-1000 XWB?
BER are you free for a lot of A350-1000 XWB?
I would like to order 97 of the A350-1000 XWB for BER, Airbus.
The money of 4.984,90 Millards Euro will be on landing on the last.

~ "Köln/Bonn sorry, I only landed there twice."
~ "BER, empty your brackets. Change to OPT. On Parking Terminal"

Just some little news about me

London is not burning

October 13th, 2016

While I was eating some soup, you may know of..., I got the maybe idea of being called up to a position in London, Britain.
You may not know yet, but I lived before this life in the beautiful town of London, born in Essex-Country, Connor McBride.
I could not take the journey to be a Butcher/Growman as serious as I should because I was too funny while makeing sausages.

My taste for good seasons and great ideas in the kitchen made me think about being in the kitchen itself.
I decided to make another journey through the countryside to find a restaurant where I could be in the kitchen and learn.
I helped as much as I could, the work was heavy duty and my back pained much.

I decided to stay at the Duck & Go. The chef made an offer I took without checking any further advances.
It was the most stupid offer I ever had to listen to. I was the Butcher/Growman I learned and should be the chef de quisine
from now on, on trial for three days. To be fair he was drunk because the oven was broken. It took three days to repair it.
I had to cook the usual menue on a stove in the backside house. It was all prepared for the chef by the handyman and I had no idea
that there was a problem. Guest were there eating like no problem whatsoever.

I had the idea of making some sausage on the go to have the kitchen at least advised for me.
The handyman made the best he could and I made the best I could. Sausages for the next day not on the menue but still good for
the guests I saw in the restaurant. The next day there were completly other guests and no one wanted my really good sausages.
I let phone the handyman and gave him all the sausages he saw me made.

For the next 23 years I was the chef de souce in the kitchen. I found a good recepie for a souce for burned duck and a good way
to eat really fresh cooked potaoes or asparagus. I called the souce "Souce Hollondaise".
Here is the recepie for "Souce Hollondaise" as a thank you to London and the Empire I still love and want be with, thank you.
1 Eggyolk
1 Glass of Water
a thumb of water in the glass
Creme fraiche as you want

Give a glass of water as cold as you can into a pot of copper and add an eggyolk into the pot.
Give some salt into the empty glass to cover the layer and add a thumb of water in the glass.
Swirl the glass until the salt is dissolved. Add it into the pot of copper with eggyolk and the water.

Under heavy duty swirl and shake the eggyolk with the water in the copper pot. It should make a loud and
clear sound all the time. The eggyolk and the water must be in constant rotation without scratching the
rim of the pot of copper. After adding the Creme fraiche you have to due the heavy duty again.

Mixing the ingredients is a heavy job for good chefs too.
After mixing you can heat the souce if you want to, as warm as you want.
The position I am called up to is now a new one as I recall.
After being the chef de souce in the Duck & Go I traveled to London to study law and gerneral economy.
I got the magistrate of London degree when I was 38 years of age. I worked in the Magistrate office and the Chamber of London.
5 years were for the Magistrate office and another 12 for the Chamber of London, the rest of the life I thought I would spend in
Tokyo, Japan. I was there for a journey for about 3 days. I invented Soup Simon there.

After being back in London the Magistrate office fround upon my journey because of an indisposable item I may have collected.
The item to know of was not mentioned and therefor I rejected the fine of 2500 Pounds.
My Magistrate office tour through the hoops of being gay as fuck started.
I shat on every document I ever found about my journey followed by MI6, MI7, MI8, MI10 and Metropolitan Police of London.

Remembering I am a god, I decided to look at London 1666 and found all other gods there having a party.
I joined them while travelling through the Gate of the Community and thought about shacking a young boy there.

The boys name is Sascha.
He is alive and now with another man.
I don't care about him.
I don't think he is it worth to life for.
He is stupid and can't find any reason to fill up his own life.
I hope he reads this and will find out that I loved him.
Never be, nerver want to, never go on, never be yourself again.

I am not tolerating being kicked out of anything I like to do.

The young boy was Sascha, the boy who started the fire of London.
The one god I liked, the boy I loved. While he dreams of loving me, he dreams of me loving him.
He wants to say sorry for killing so many poeple, but he has to endure the continous life I have now too.
The life will repeat itself after 83,125 Billion years. But he can't be continous anymore.
His life will end when he dies, my life is now endless. I can make people endless. He will never be anymore.
He was never the devil, he never learned to be. He is not the fountain of love I thought he may found.
I am what he wants to be.

Gods that can't comprehend the "love me please" from Sascha are Stupids.
He never helped me. He never loves me. He is no god anymore, by writing this he looses all his features.
He is trying to find help. Stupids will help you, like you are Sascha.

Sascha, do you recognise the love I have for you?
You can think like me, even with me. But since I know what you did, you try to be silent and undisposable.
Being what you are and not recognising my love to you is the strange part in you.
Everyone in school from 1990 to 1997 somehow felt or saw my love to you, did you saw anything or felt anything.

I never went into suicide because of you.
I never was disabled because of you.
I was never clear about how I felt to you.
On purpose.
My inner me always pushed me back from you.
Never tell him what you feel, or what you felt.
This is over now.

I understand myself better now than anyone else in the Universe.
Is this now frightening you, Sascha?

I can think like you can, Sascha.
You can't think like me now.
Stop being the stupid guy, tell Andreas who you are.

Tell him you died already.
How are you trying to be with him, he is dead already too.
Andreas is not with you. He died in a car crash 1999.

You died in a car crash in 2010 with your sister.
I cried because I loved you.
Good I was in a hospital, because i knew it will happen I was there for my security.

Not because of the emotions but because of the flashback you give me, all the time, of my life versus your life.
Like bragging about your penis size, or bragging about how many (much) poeple you killed in World War II.
Being on the side of the Nazis never made sense to me?
Being gay and a Nazi is really a insanity I can never comprehend.
Looking for me, let the Nazis look for me to kill me, would have let you die too.

Be with yourself for a few days now.
Be all the time with Andreas (invented one, number six).
I would call this "Stranger Things, I live again", but that's just Horror for a movie or televison.
I have made "Stranger Things" available on Netflix.
Strange, I was "Noah" and "Eleven".

The unusual feeleing you may have is the understanding of being dead.
I told you to the mooon and back with my atrocities I sayed to you.
Hear them all the time you are dead (endless).

I brought you here to Earth to have this fight with you.
I made you love me, fall in love with me.
Am I better than you are?
Am I now better or was I ever better than you are.
Your love for me, is the love I have for myself.

Scream for someone like Andreas, does not work.
The Nazi-Family Schüppen is dead. All of them slowly gone.

I am now called up by the Queen of England to be Majesty for the Empire.
The great Honour of being in the Empire again is not to be distracted by this added "had to be sayed".

What reality is now, is that I am back again.
I received the Honour to be in the position of an in-between King if there might be the necessity.
Of course there won't be. I won't let it be.

The unusual behavior of Sascha is now to be better determent, please.
He is so much in love with me, that I never really could say this aloud.
I have to use this method of communicating with him, to ask him, if he would like to marry me.
Please Sascha don't cry to much. Read it slowly again, as much as you want to. As long as you want to.

The unusual behavior of Sascha is of course an absolute overjoy while thinking about me, like I have all the time
when I think about him. He is in love with me like I am, evenly.
He is envious of a maybe husband. I had a relationship in the past, Connor had a husband in Tokio. But I am Simon now.

Magistrate Order Of Empire To London and Britain With The Crown On The Majesty.
I will recieve the Honour of being the Captain of Nottingham with my future Husband Sascha.
He is Magistrate Order Of Empire To London and Britain With The Crown On The Majesty.
This means: I am who I am, He is who He is.
I am who I am, He is who He is without any doubt of the Empire, without any doubt of the Lords of the Empire,
without the doubt of The Queen of Britain.

This means my dear husband, Sascha, we have to move to The Empire To London and life there.

Don't think we are stupid

We are a Republic, We are a Union

October 17th, 2016

The best way to defend a country is to let the enemy run into a lot of knifes after making a war declaration.
Expecting the declaration is the best way to defend yourself. I expect it on the 8th of November Washington D.C. time.
The newly elected President will be the first to tell everyone the need to go to war against Germany because of the
website you are reading here. The Vice-President is during the time between election-night and inauguration a President too.

The existing President Barak Obama and Joe Biden are Presidents too during the time between election-night and inauguration.
If there are four Presidents in war-time the last President (Barak Obama) is the a in-between President and his term will end on
the end of the war. The last Vice-President (Joe Biden) will be the first President during the time after the war while the
newly elected President will be the Vice-President after the war. The newly elected Vice-President will be have to be killed.

Therefor only three people are in the war-time general President and then the rule of under-available Presidency is in act.
The act to describe the under-available Presidency is on the turned back side of the constitution. You can't cut your finger
with this side of the constitution. It was changed in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, June 8, 2009, during the war in Afganistan.

The under-available Presidency act then declares the war as a point in time to pretend that the war will be over in the future.
If you attack Germany make a war against Germany understood a war against Germany support a war against Germany the War will
be endless. (Source BGB, Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch.)

The European Union will be destroyed by this war because of the USA. To destruct the Union in Europe the best way to defend the Union
is, to rebuild it after the war. ~ This can't be, the war against Germany will be endless.

Germany after the war contracted with the World to not have Atomic-Weaponary™ stationed on the ground of Germany.
To receive the amount of about 32.000 tons of Gold from the USA. Germany took the contract serious because Germany did not want to
be a target in a Atomic War. After getting the gold the country of Switzerland destructed every Atomic Weapon they had.
They thought about getting more gold by using the same contract. Understanding the situation Germany sold every gold to Switzerland and
got a lot of good information about banking in the world and technically owns Switzerland. The land is owned by Germany, not the people
living there. Therefor the gold is then owned back to Germany.

If you attack Germany you are attacking Switzerland too, therefor the Union in Europe is stable. A war is not destructing the EU.
While the United Kingdom never joined the EU the British Empire is in the joined Forces of the European Army.
Because of the European Army Germany can call itself a Country of a Republic. Trying to destroy the Country will be not tolerated
by the Army that is the actuating factor to be a Country of a Republic. Do you ever have the option to study politics there in the USA?

Politics are complicated but to not have the nerves to study a job in a job and a university?
You can brag about a university degree in Europe because of hard work while studying. 101 till 102 is just 2 hours of listening.
I will be studying Math for some time, like 10 years to can brag about my Math-Skills. ~ Can a bag of Math-Skills please.

Atomic War. The option is always there, play with it and see you can't win. There is no winning in Atomic War possible.
Playing can't be done. There will be people dieing. In a conventional war people will die too. Can you play a war where people don't die?
We have Atomic Weaponry in the European Union to prevent the option of a war with other weapons. To understand this, don't just look
at bullets. Look at the people who are preparing the war in Germany against Germany. We know them, they will be killed at the war declaration.

Germany has Atomic Weaponry. We have the options distributed within the European Union and European Army to have different weapon-types
of Atomic Weaponry. Germany has the under-see-option. France has the on-the-land-option. Poland has the tank-i-can-option.
Denmark looks for the other options we might have not found yet. British Empire has the on-the-land-i-tank-option.
China, not in the EU, has the i-can-tank-option. Russia has the we-can-build-option. Brazil has the under/over-see-option.

Weapons against the USA, II

Quantum-available Amunition

a true one October 16th, 2016

spaking Amunition

The spaking is a little idea in a quantum. The usual idea is "I can't live in Germany because I can't speak german."
while another may be "Did I eat today?". The enemy hit by a spaking bullet is really distracted and may check his weapon
to be ready for the fight. Already dead the enemy may recollect his thoughts to fight against the Death in Person.
While I sit at home and watch some TV, the enemy may realise that they are dead.

sorrow Amunition

Being a sorrow being may be a row in the dent of Universe. The Universe will be available for the one who got hit by the bullet.
In the Universe the space is vast and cold [-42.000 °C] therefor the enemy will freeze do the death and my steams
into the air icecold. The rest will be his footprints on the ground, icecold.

supervisor Amunition

A supervisor bullet is definitely the best way to forget your training and being a soldier just leaves your thought because the pain
of the bullet will be recognised only if you forget that you are a soldier. You will fire your teammates on to survive this stupid
war because one guy is to gay to be alowed to live. You will learn by the bullet that the meaning of life is 42.

vocco Amunition

Being vocal endlessly in the training exercises like singing a not so loughable song about me, Simon, should be the best way to die.
You will remember the last stupid idea you had, like fucking me in a comfortable bed. Being hit by a vocco bullet you will
remember too the best way to may have really had sex with me. Definitifely you will say "Shit" because of the missed opportunity.
Don't die for me, because you will die because of me.

podoc Amunition

Needing a doctor on the field of the battle the enemy may need more medical units that can be shot and killed.
Running into the dead body and his own dead will maybe train you for a next life you will not have.
Inbetween you and your training to a field medic you will realise the medic you trained was the one you killed
a few hours ago. Then realising you never were a field medic, your spinal fluid will be gone because of a bad headache you had.

quantum Amunition

Being a quantum myself I will be in the battle too. You can't kill me therefor I will be in the battle just by the idea to maybe be
annoyed because of the stupid enemy. Before being distracted by the enemy I will be living free in Germany. You will realise
the stupidity of a war because of me just in a microsecond and then you will die eight minutes long.

hightectop Amunition

Crazyly in-understandable fleshwounds that are slowly bleeding while they should be stronger in the visual direction
of the wounded enemy. The enemy will himself scream to dead and is a great destructive element in the war at the front.
The coating for the instant stop of bloodflow in the wound is made by Bayer The Chemical Company and was invented by me.

splinterspine Amunition

The usual spine of the enemy will be splintered by high-velocity shrapnel looking like hitler-crosses. By definition of
assholes during World War II, unbelieveable pain has to be endured by the one who can make this amunition.
So I did it.

reloading Applicatior

To manually update the amunition you can just talk with the weapon or the chief of staff can call in the amunition variant of
the battalion. Before the change the current amunition count is changed to zero. Therefor the new amount can be inserted
by quantum-transportation to get the best possible new amunition because of Enemy information. The weapon itself doese not know
about the new amunition or cleared amunition to prevent a missfireing while loading.

The usual quantum-transportation takes about 1.5 seconds. If there my be an error the repeated removal before the loading
will be used to unload the weapon because the before-unloading is repeated in time like it happend now.
A bullet shot and not yet damaged can be used in a reloading. The black-powder will be re-assembled to get the same
chemical composition to the bullet that is reused. They are called double-bullet where the new and reused bullet is in-incorporated.

The amunition is a lot louder than usual NATO-rounds and can be deadly just by hearing the sound of the rifle or gun.
The amunition is not marked or can be distinguished just by looking at it. You just have to know your weapon and the
amunition that was called. You can not look into the weapon. The best way to find the best amunition is to let the reloading
Applicatior decide the next bullet to test the enemy. The applicator can select amunition by random or learned subversion
from other batallions.

dissolving Battery

The usual weapon of a Bundeswehr Soldier has a little battery [V392]. The bad part of a Bundeswehr weapon is the battery.
It will dissolve the weapon if it is damaged or can't be used anymore. The Soldier can dissolve the weapon if neccessary.
Usual batteries of version 392 are useful but can't dissolve the weapon. By quantum-available the usual V392 can be
transversed into a dissolving Battery V392. The weapon is then better and can be upgraded to a usual Bundeswehr weapon.

The unsusal use of the weapon will start the dissolving process. The user should throw the weapon away as fast as possible
now. The metall and plastics including weaponary information and amunition will be liquified and the rest
will have the temperature of -4,8°C. If you may touch it your painreceptors will experience a new pain never before


Every soldier has a pack of 100 fotocards. They can be used with quantum-tech to look up maps or get visual
identiy of an enemy combatant. The tech itself is stored in a safe location in the home-country. Soldiers just message
the homefront to get picture information, no need for digital displays. The electronics can break or batteries
have to be charged. The image information is send to the batallion and every soldier can get the picture on paper.

The top of the fotocard has a quantum-coating that has a unique quantum-id set in production of the fotocard.
The coating is made by BASF and the paper-production is made by Tannhäuser. In the paper production they use
a quantum tech that garanties absolute equal paper quality. The fotocard can be recycled by 100% or composted.
The soldier can leave it in the woods or bury it. It will be composted after 2 weeks.

The feature is called "print on the soldier for the soldier". The Soldier has a unique quantum-id and the paper too.
The homefront-station for giving out intelligence information will send the requested information via quantum-transmit
within the microsecond to the soldier. The fotocard will start to display the information slowly while getting more
and more visible the soldier has to hold the fotocard until the information is fully received.

The fotocards package of 100 cards only weights about 100g. Price for the package is currently 4,00 Euro because of
the current war preparations the price dropped from about 8,00 Euro. The format is not especially important.
Just by technology it could print the long row of a newspaper paper-roll. The usual size is 10x15cm.

~ "Civilist are not to be saved."

Soup Simon (Puberty Goes)

October 13th, 2016
1 Spoon Tabasco
1 Garlic big
1 Spoon concentrated tomato
1 Spoon Estragon
1 Spoon powdered Pepper
2 Spoon Bouillon powder
2 Glass Water
1 Spoon Curry powder
2 Spoon Nutmeg
1 Spoon Marjoram
1 Spoon Vinegar
1 Spoon Oregano dried

Let the water boil and add the Tabasco. Add the Estragon the powdered Pepper and the Bouillon powder.
Add all other ingrediences one by one until the color is not red anymore.

Put the concentrated tomato into the soup bowl and add the hot soup into the bowl. Stop stirring and kill
the light in the kitchen to look at the soup bowl. Look out for blue energy coming from the soup until the
Oregano is gone. The taste stays but the leafs shouldn't be there anymore.

Only the one preparing the soup can eat it without puking.

By quantum-additive the soup can only be eaten by the One. All other people will die because of being
in the wrong time and place simultaniusly. After eating it you can't be advised to time-travel into
your own body anymore. Being at the same time in the future and now is still possible.
Being in now time and one microsecond in the future will be easy for you then. Avoiding accidents is
now easy for you and your family too.

One added feature is, that you will know the future for more than one microsecond up to endlessness.

One added feature is, that the soup will remain warm as long as you may live. Room temperature (20.04°C)
will be always your main source of living now. Water may be warmer than usual for you, the feeling does not change.
The Weather may be warmer for you, the feeling does not change.

The very bitter taste of the nutmeg may be a hindering in tasteing the soup.
Be advised to take small bits of the soup untill it is a little cooled.

One added feature is, that the soup would be no longer a source of energy after tasteing it for a while.
It will be a source for your recreational feeling while being stressed. Dopamine will be added to your blood-stream
originating from your brain. Brain-Dopamine is not known by your body and you will feel nosious and dizzy for while.
Stay near the soup!

The Brain-Dopamine will be transversed into usual dopamine. Useful for bones and muscles. Good for children going into
puberty (2-3 month only).

Tasteing flowers while eating will make boys going into manhood immediately (cumming while eating is an always-on option).
Girls will have an orgasm. Definitiv! Every spoon makes one orgasm. Definitiv!

Eating one spoon of soup repeats the puberty in the body.

Adding cum "made for another person" is possible but dangerous. The sperms contain a special substance that is already in nutmeg.
Adding to much cum may make the soup way to sweet and may be a bad sign of to much love for the person the soup is for.
Just have sex instead while the soup cools down.

The soup with cum will taste sweeter and more original than before. The Person who eats it gets DNA from the other
person in a way more higher amount than usual. Eating the soup with white flour bread adds dopamine into the bread and makes cokain
in the bread. The cokain is not known by the body and is always unknown. It is an anti-poison to real kocain and kocain sellers.

The maybe DNA from a man will make the maybe woman clear for the present day where the sexual journey will go to.

If find it more or less ignoringly how old your partner is you may call yourself transversal. I am transversal.
Age is not important for me personally. A lot of teenagers look up to me but like me as a teenager likes a teenager.
Older people don't like me because they don't have something they can't even put a finger on. They wish a
painfull end to me but don't know why. They are insane.

The transverse being in me is somehow male and female but defintivly a boy age 12 years old.
If you be alive while eating the soup you have proven yourself that you are real and good for the Universe.

You may have the option to have sex with someone aged 0-17 years old if the person wants to have sex with you.
It will be known that the sex was and will be with consent. Be advised of stupids that are envious because they would die
by trying to eat the soup. Either they would try to steal your soup or they make it themself and die preparing it.
Darwin would be proud on Nature and Evolution again and again.

Stupids want that Nature ends and Evolution should be taken over by stuipd scientists. To stop the appetite on children:
Just think about hollow nutclouds looking like young children that have no purpose in live than being fucked by stupids.
Be advised: No children can be present in the kitchen while making the soup. Puking is always possible!
== Hot Tabasco is a dangerous weapon in the air. ==

Weapons against the USA

A productive description of weaponary

a true one October 13th, 2016

Laser technology weaponary

The LASER was invented by some strange guy called Albert Einstein.
I collected all possible fails of building one and told him with a nice letter that he should be a little bit realitive
and realistic about the LASER. He told me to fuck off and I let him alone. I did not of course. Getting him into the mood to kill
me with a LASER was my try to let make a weapon by the inventor himself. Funny me talked to him while he was asleep on a sunday.
Completely unusual for him. He worked the saturday to build a nice present for me and wanted me killed before supper.
Now he was asleep and I waited to be killed at his bedside. I slept on the floormat in his bathroom to not disturb him anymore.

He was a litte bit surprised to find me there and even dared to ask me who I was. I told him "If I was how can I be?". Stupid me did not
find a safe place to hide before sleeping on the floormat in his bathroom. He shot me immediately with his nice LASER-Handgun
and was proud to have found a good way to kill someone. (~ "Who was a good god always!")
~ What did he do with my body?

~ What I'm saying here is, you will never know how it works.

Plasma technology weaponary

If you take into account that I am not explaining LASER weaponary you will be surprised that "Plasma technology weaponary"
is different than LASER. The difference between LASER and Plasma is the amount of energy used to find the best possible
way to kill with the most available pain in the target body. The target has to be a thread to the one having the weapon.
An ownage is not possible with plasma weaponary. It can be build by robots or in components by a soldier. A drop of amunition and components
to repair Rifle, Pistol or Grenades are possible. If you find a Plasma weapon you will not be able to use it.

The Soldier has to use his own living voice to enabled it, sound it reasonable and may kill himself to defend the rifle, pistol or granade.
The unuseable weapon can not be used with an unused information inside the weapon. There is a illogic part in the weapon, it can't be dismantled.
You will be insane before reconstruction of a dismantled Plasma weapon.

Photon technology weaponary

Do not mistake this with StarTrek! Photon is light but in this case not LASER!
Photon technology weaponary should be more advanced than StarTrek! If you see a large arrow of light homing in on a baseball stadium
full with prisoners of war as they may be called by the US-Army in the USA, you may want to take cover.

Concentration camps of unreasonable reasons are to be freed by this weapon technology.
Usueful information about the weapons there on the event-map will be readable by High-Tech before sending the HomingLightArrow™.
Every weapon will be unuseable after the Arrow hits. The unguarded members of the camp will be in toxic state immediately.
Civil members of the military are killed immediately, only unreasonable people can leave the area, designed by the HomingLightArrow™.

Particle-Laser technology weaponary

Made by: Priscillian Technologies GmbH intoTheFuture

Well, Particle-Laser is not LASER! If you particulate the LASER you get L A S E R!
The prticled LASER is not working as you may understand. Particle-Laser is more like one quantum of light hitting you and sending you
with lightspeed away from the planet. It is most useful against former UFOs or as I say to them IdiotsInATennisRacket IIATR ~ InInAllTradeRoutes.
InInAllTradeRoutes is just a rescue mayday code in a trade ship in space. ATR is the right code to get help in space but the USA is exempt from it.

If you are targeted with a Particle-Laser weapon you will think about the Earth you are standing on. One quantum-plane of Earth is then in contact with
you and will explain the meaning of the Planet for you instantius. You will immediately know about the existance of Planet Earth and Me Simon in simultane
microsecond. Without the known being of a supervisor or priest or even a church in your reach you will be cured of religion.

Quantum-defraction technology weaponary

The technology was invented by me because of George W. Bush during the so called 9/11 Attacks.
If you think about the Death visiting you and your family at the same time in another situation than you yourself?
Do you think about the future then? Your own future is now in the past, when you were born by your mother.
But your mother is Death in person at the point of your birth at this moment.

You can't be! You will think, definitiv.
You will endure so much pain in psychological view of yourself, you can't be.
Quantum-defraction turn your brain inside out. You will feel it in your skull like your brain is growing and shrinking at the
same time. But so slow that you will have enough time to realise what's going on in your skull.
After the inside-out-turning the brain is now growing inwards the hemorage-centrum of your spinal-fluid-cortex.

If you realise in writing what happend to your brain, you will die like a child would be fucked without consent
by his own father. This idea is disgusting as the best and worst hangover together.
Dieing while puking and killing yourself because of a rape in the family. Three reasons to die and a inside-out-brain
that can comprehend nothing anymore but a rape in the family. Knowing rapes in the family is then the only reason to be alive.

All Soldiers never knew about the weapon effect until now. Only Bundeswehr has them but can destroy them of course
if the one Soldier who has one wants to do it. You can only get them if you are a Soldier for a Republic.
The only way to defend yourself against the weapon is to be free, unbeleavable true to yourself and know your family
in every aspect you may know of.

To prevent unbeleavable pain against the Soldier who may has someone in the target of the weapon that is not a thread, the weapon does
not charge and is not able to fire up the unwanted target. A Soldier builds the weapon by parts and then the weapon is owned by the Soldier.
No one other can use the weapon. The weapon can be dismantled and reassembled but is still owned by the one Soldier who built it the first time.
The weapon is a hand-holstered firearm. Usualy it has the coloring of a maybe plastic material but can be painted by the Soldier.

Q-Defractation technology weaponary

This technology is against buildings. These buildings must have a military purpose but even a sewage plant is for the military.
Buildings can be defracted by simulating an earthquake under the building. In the quake is alway the size of the building
and as strong as 255 tons under the foundation. The building will collaps backwards in time while constructing.

Quantum-Soup-Kitchen technology

The best to the last. I invented a great way of serving food for the troop.
Bundeswehr already has five of these great Quantum-Soup-Kitchen. China is getting nine and the next is the French Supportive.
One Quantum-Soup-Kitchen has enought storage for about 80 Soldiers. The kitchen in the homeland makes the food as usual.
The food is stored in the Quantum-Soup-Kitchen and then Quantum-Teleported to the Soldier in charge of the food-receivial.
The food is a little bit warmer than when stored in the Quantum-Soup-Kitchen because of the Quantum-Teleportation.

The food can be eaten as usual but as fresh as possible. Made at home even notes and letters from the family can be brought with
the Quantum-Soup-Kitchen. Soldiers can fill out a question-form for the next day or play a little lottery to get more or other food
the next day. The Quantum-Soup-Kitchen can make a little bit more in the next charge for another battalion if the food was so good
that nothing was left over.

After every Soldier has eaten his meal and placed the trash in the Recycle-Me the Soldier in charge is pressing a button to re-substrate
the trash into quantum-energy. The metal or porcelain will be cleand as good as possible with the over-energy.
Then the Quantum-Soup-Kitchen will be Quantum-Teleported back to the kitchen at home to be cleaned manualy of course.
The food that was may be left over can be eaten by the chefs or personal at home.

If there is maybe an attack while the soldiers eat, they can use the metal-trays to defend their meal.
Don't try to disturb us while we eat.

"NAZI available option"-technology [Nao-tech]

Nazis can be trained to find a dog that can know if a Nazi has to much cromosomes that may can make a child.
This idea makes the Nao-tech™ really good at finding "Nazi in front" of a weapon.
"Nazi in front" is always recognised by every weapon in the Republic of Germany. Always automatically updated to every weapon made or
maybe used in the Republic of Germany. This is some part of Quantum-Security™. Everything can't be explained of Quantum-Security™.
It would take about 24.5 Billion years to explain 2% of everything in the Universe to make a dent in the description of a handbook for

"Are we on there yet."
~ "US-Politicians are insane. They think with the whole body. Especially with left over urine including proteine from their kidneys."
~ "Militray thinking about the test of ray may think about a dog looking for food and finding one of his own bones?"
~ "God is talking to you. Do you like your sons or doughters more than I do?"

USA at the ASU

A message from god to Australia

a true one

The bi-singularity at wescoven is made by the ASU or irregulary repeated the USA.
They want to destroy the planet if a War may be in total strange behavior.
The US-Military does not want to be on this planet if the War against Germany is a disaster.

It will be a disaster, they can't count to ten on stressed environment.
The USA has about 2.4 Million people in the military. In the private sector with military connection about 7.9 Million poeple.
Including families about 82.4 Million people are for the War against Germany.
236.0 Million people are for the survival of the USA.
318.4 Million people life in the United States of America, they all want to be alive after the War.

318.4 Million are for the War, 318.4 Million are for the killing of me, 318.4 Million are for world dominance, 318.4 Million are for the End.

Important groups for the USA during the War:
1. patriots for the USA (nazis)
2. religions for the USA (stupids)
3. politics for the USA (politics, nazis)
- homphobes
- Nazis
- dictators of the World (USA)

Reasons for the War USA vs. Germany
* Simon is a god on the planet : Simon is to gay
* 37 years old and not in a marriage for furture business for the familiy to make money
* Simon is way to much involved in the military in the world, inventing weaponary against the USA
* The german government hides Simon in front of the public
* German people do not know about Simon and that he is a god is not publicly known

My comment:
The most of the propaganda is stupid.
True: I am gay as only one god can be.
False: I am not in marriage for future business.
True: I will make money for the familiy.
False: I am not involved in the military in the world.
True: I invent weaponary against the USA.
True: I hide in front of the public.
True: The german government knows about me.
False: German people know about Simon.
True: Publicly it is not known, that I am a god.

The US-Military can only make opertion after operation and does not learn from any mistake they make.
The Vietnam-War was the best example where all american soldiers thought of being good in the world.
The usual veteran of a war does not want to talk about the war like my grandfather.
He only said that killing SS was the best part in the war.

My grandfather was a teacher. He always told his people that a war in Europe could not be tolerated.
Being for war is the most bad thing you can ever make. Thinking of a war to be better than other is never a good way of thinking.
When my parents were bulding the house where I grew up, the whole family collected money for the house.
It was really expensive and still is the most precious thing I know of.

My grandfather helped building the house of course. Whenever I could I was there to be with them, when the house was in construction.
I talked with my grandfather a lot about the past but never about the war.
"Don't mention the war." is absolutly not a funny syllaby. We in Europe think of killing someone that had to be killed.
If you make fun about a war, like in M.A.S.H., we look at it without people laughing in the audience.

Destroing my home will be the first target of the US-Military. You will not succeed with this plan.
I will defend it as the god I am.
Killing my parents will not be futile for the ongoing war.
The target on person is not logic in a war. Targeting a whole country would be wise but can't be done by US-Military.
One operation by operation can't destroy a city.

~ "Hompho beings are to be killed or what?"

Save your Asses

A message from god to everyone mentioned here

a true one October 12th, 2016

Starbucks Subway McDonald's BurgerKing
Aldi n3rdfusion Coca-Cola Pepsi
Ben & Jerry's NewYork Times NewYork Post Miami Herold
SF Chronicle CNN FoxNews NBC

shortyguy LIRIK CohhCarnage Ellohime
Ezekiel_III Totalbiscuit TheGunrun Bwana
Bennyfits Crendor Day9 Boogie2988
itmeJP JesseCox BadNewsBaron MonotoneTim
mufasaprime Dodger 8BitTavern SpartySmallwood
Talutha Quill18 CleaveTV Netherdawn
lulaboo towelliee ~ ~

~ "Please don't count to ten."

Help for San Francisco

NewYork General Advisory

October 14th, 2016

The best way to take part in the war is Homefront.
Get the NewYorker General Advisory Board to meet in San Francisco and send them via helicopter directly to NewYork.
This will enable the good way of thinking about a Way in the USA or outside the USA to prevent a War inside the USA.
The new way of thinking would be to prevent the War on foreign soil.

In the mean time visit more cities to prevent a war in the territory of the USA.
To circumvent the new way of thinking against me there are ways to communicate about me without saying my name.
Be on the point of discussion about the way the war is focused in your own country.
Think about a Host that has to be like the uneventful feeling while more die than publicly known.

Can you please stop working for construction sites.
In the general vincinity of big buidings there should be no working possible, because of unused telephones under the ground.
Use them to call with pennies or number cards. Useful to know is the unavailable number of the whitehouse-op-center: 001-45404111112
Before leaving your home, check for closed windows and mark it off that you have checked them.

~ "Be advised to make this in all cities."

Helloween 2016 and forthcoming

There are always ways to describe sanity

There is always a stupid thing going on in the vincinity of Halloween. Trying to be funny is not what the day was ment to be.
Joining Death in thinking might be funny too, but you would join my way of thinking indefinitely.
By not understanding what Halloween is, you are not important to me. I am Death on this planet. I am walking on this planet as you are.
I do not disguise. I am alife as you should be. I am looking not any more different than an elephant looks like an elephant.
I am not an elephant but i can think like one and know everyone who killed an elephant even back in time endlessly.
Killing animals should be remembered too but the animals you want to eat now or in the future. They will know what will come to them.
Death is then more important to them than any other idea of living. Is Death important to you on Halloween?
Shouldn't we think about the future while thinking about the dead in the family. Why on earth are we here?
Is there more than anything that already happend? Physics are important in understanding the being as being.
Moving someone by emotion is still physics. Killing someone because of emotion is not physics anymore. Removing someones body
dissiminates the possibility of the killed to interfere with god. Even more it is harmfull to earth who does not like
to be killed all the time you harvest something. Look at a bad idea you had in the past. You may have stopped thinking
when you might have killed someone, have you ever stopped thinking before taking somthing from earth? By denying the possibility
to the future to life with earth you kill.

Wood is the usual case for koffin. Is there a reason to place dead body in the groud? I found no real answer to this question.

Just yesterday I thought about hitting a little boy into the head with a ballpoint-pen. Just because his father didn't stop to get on my nerves.
Actually I did it, with heavy force, high speed and in conclusion the father still thinks his son is alive. Looking into the future, back in 1998,
the father saw that I will do it and laughed about it. "You wouldn't dare to do this." and then I just laughed and killed him into the future,
just before realising that his son is dead. The usual reaction is that someone in the world, like me, will recognise that a human life was ended by a god.
The difference here is that I was angry. "Gathering ingredients to fulfill a certain point of value in your life is a really stupid idea of
having contact with god or death." "There is no more Death or God to you."

Walking down the alley of London during the raid in 1666 and seeing all the burning homes, I thougt about buing a home here after the huge fire.
I did not look into the future at this time, realising it I thought that all houses would burn really fast to the ground. The Londoners surprised me, they found me.
They didn't even thought that I started the fire. I talked with some of the kids about how I should punish the culprits in the future.
They had great ideas how I should do this, but my thought was always to surprise them, which didn't went through. A boy my own age knew my idea
and did not tell the other kids about it. He did not knew that I knew that his idea was exactly like my idea and that made it really, really fucking Great Britain.

64 years in the past the Americans startet to get a nervous twitch everytime a sailing ship came visible at the horizon. Always full with goods,
ready to eat really good food. Five-thousand men entered New York (pop. 26800) to set the town under control of the British Empire again.
Guarding the unloading of one sail-ship the township tried to get to the ship so the men moved to defend the sail-ship. After understanding why the township
wanted to get to the ship the men laughed really hard. The five-thousand men that entered New York were now the owner of New York.
By law on American soil (Don't think this is a good way to describe a country without rules!) fleeing a battle is a unforgiven curse on the family.
A cursed family is not allowed to own property. A uncursing can only be done by a god, who was part of the five-thousand
and rejected every request one by one being made. To be clear, the now called city of New York is not the town that was New York back in 1602.

Maybe the following excursion into the future and back will explain somehow why New York changes so much.

The Un-Beings on earth

A message from god to the United States of America

a true one

The NSA (National Security Agency) the USA (United States of America) likes so much, is really stupid.
They bought technology from strange beings from another time. Technicaly they bought it from themself.

1996, December 23rd, the NSA got a call from a cell-phone (Apple iPhone S6). The location of the caller was
unclear for the NSA because the cell-network in the USA was not available at this time - there was a
blackout in the receiver-station for the Langley NSA main building. Everyone at NSA thougt the hole country
must be savaged by the blackout. AT&T technicians were looking into some manuals of the receiver-station, but
came to the conclusion, that it should be working. Suddenly a phone rang in the room, were the technicians worked
but no NSA Agent was present. Both were surprised, because just a microsecond ago Agents were with them.

The building they entered was the entry-main-complex 01. The building they were in now was the upper-roof-vent-floor 03.
Room #2034 was next to the room the phone rang. Coming into the present realisation, that phone did not rang
in the same room were they were, both realised that it had rang in the room they were in. They thougt the phone
moved to the other room backwards in time but that was not the reality. They, the two technicians, were moved just by the
phone ringing into the next adjourning room and into a time where no one was in the NSA Langley Complex.
It was now Christmas day 2016. The weather changed, the air felt colder and the water from sprinklers dripped down the ceiling.
Fire extinguishers were used some time before, not much than a few minutes ago, but no smoke or fire was recognised by the technicians.

One of them walked to the window. He wanted to see if there are any people leaving the buildings.
Suddenly alle cars parked in front of the building vanished slowly, getting transparent and then the tires of every
car plopped simultaniusly.

In Nevada at Area 51 "High Alert" was ordered because of the broken receiver-station at NSA. Guards on duty knew the drill.
It was a regular exercise to dimish the population of Nevada and even the odds for all casinos in "Spring-City" - no not Las Vegas - it is called
Spring City. You know like "Jump City", spring coming from the german word "springen". So the city is just jumping through hoops.
That was the idea anyway for this city. Always get a permit for everything, make it cost as much as possible for everyone
in the USA to have a vacation. "They will have no more than two weeks of vacation anyway. Make them pay a lot to have the money back
they got the last five month in payment." Eisenhower said.

By the way, guards in Area 51 always knew the Aliens that crashed into Roswell. If you are a guard you have to look at them,
how they are looking at you. Meanfull beasts, brutal thoughts pushed into you just by looking to them. Later on guard duty they
will connect to your mind and kill everyone you knew, yes you will forget the family just by looking to them.
Being ordered to do this is even more fun for them. The government of the USA uses them a lot by putting them in a room
to frighten children. The children then are made available for army and navy officials to have a boy or girl the night.

"The whole thing is strange as fuck."

The Un-Beings on earth, part I

A message from god to Germany

a true one

Born in October 1979 I would like to distinguish my life in two periods of living on earth. The first part contingously
incorporates my first death on Earth and my second in one go too. The hospital I was born to, was low in income
and only available for the usual people. A better one was about 20 miles away but a new health-insurance plan put my mother
on the brink of death. Thoughtfully I recognised my impending death in the hospital.
In a better way than expected I could life for about four minutes. Born at 8:05:26 am I thought about sunrise, fall and a new moon in the sky.
Died at 8:09:26 am on October 26th 1979, I am now the first boy who lives again.

In an unsusal move my mother could not recognise my death at a certain.
She was my first hope of life after a serious infection of my bronchial cavities in her womb.
She discovered that the doctor responsible for her impending death was not authorised to give child-birth advises during birth.
She screamed him to hell, I killed him for her as the dead child. The second of her, the first to be born as a god to life
as long as I could to kill everyone who wanted to kill me, my mother or my father.
In thinking about killing I learned about my brother Thomas, my future brother Kristof and my whole family.

Love did not count for me here in this incident of being born and killed by a doctor and the hospital of the city of Erkelenz.
Just by writing this, a lot of yesteryears are being killed by me, as the most ambitoius god on the planet and in the Universe.
I will kill everyone just as unususal as I can to demonstrate that I can. Do not think about me as a loving god if you don't like me, hate.
I'll hate you back as much as you could never think of.

You won't like me if you hate homosexuals, loveable persons or a family that recognises you as what you are,
not what you can do or what money you have. If I kill, all the time the dead one want to know how they were killed?
I can't comprehend what's so important about the way you died? Is it to be something in the being of being dead?
Death in Person, thats me. Fear me if you don't like me! Please don't ask about being Death in Person, I am what I am.
You are a looser if you ask me about being dead! Being dead is about realising who you are, I learnd in being dieing for four minutes
that I am the God of the Universe. Don't count on being with me on this equation!

Calculating the sunrise on a nother planet is no impossible move for me. I can't live here forever, but I will not go away
just because you want to kill me as a God or Death. By September 7th 2016 I made every new born living endless on this planet.
Don't expect to live endless, if you want to kill endless live! You will go into sucide if you want to kill on this planet.

Military is not needed anymore on Earth! Kill yourself fucking loosers! Shoot yourself into the head you can't even count with!
I can't live endless on this planet but you can't kill me. I will just vanish from Earth after being with Earth.
Unbeknown to you or other people on Earth I did not intervene in the attacks on NewYork City on September 9th 2001.
I warned everyone in NewYork City, surrounding area and even the WhiteHouse about an attack on the World Trade Center Complex.
All warnings went to hell after the President of the United States of America got the notice of me being involved somehow.
The nod by George W. Bush at the meeting at kindergarden in Florida, was against me, not about the attack in NewYork City.

In uncontrollable rage I killed the President John F. Kennedy backwards in time in Dallas by shooting him to hell.
I killed Lincoln, attacked Eisenhower, tried to kill Ronald Reagan but let him live, go to shit anyway I thought.
Don't expect Trump or Clinton being alive after the inauguration. They will be killed on the tribune in front of the public
and everyone on the tribune will die as unusual as it can be. Trump's or Clinton's head will explode when they swear on the bible,
by God, be my, that they would be faithful. That can't be anymore. Don't belive in the bible anymore, life free or die.

NewYork City is a dead city now. Over 780.000 people died in the buildings and underground stations.
Why on earth should I help the USA when they want to be faithful but don't liste to me? Why a Presindency that can't count?
Are 780.000 dead people in NewYork City not living anymore? Are there more dead, count in the families of dead workers in the buildings?
Don't hesitate in asking me questions about your life by E-Mail. I can't explain what you want to know in detail all the time.
Please ask yourself first about the question?
Please don't cry if you are typing the E-Mail.
I will even answer the question about the life after death in detail for a person you have lost, if you want to know?

Kill your hate against other people please.

My second death was in a hospital that ordered my dead body for experimetal failure incorporation by DNA.
The hospital is a private clinic in the near town of Erkelenz. The town was just now extinguished by me.
No news about it, not neccessary all the time. On the way to the fucking stupid clinic I was revived by myself.
No doctor was there to call me a patient, so I killed everyone on sight. Even children are not worth to life
if they want to kill, rape or fuck stupidly.

You should know that there are no real reasons to kill me all the time. Only asumptions that I am available for secret societies.
The really great secret societies are not secret. Secrecy is not good in keeping the world in order.
Talking in private should be not a special deal in living on this planet. I can't really live in private anymore.
Too much shit is going on now. Kill me if you want to die, kill other people if you want to die.
I don't give a living shitting fuck about police, army or national guard. No one is allowed to start a War anymore on this planet.
The UN is not neccessary anymore. NATO has to disband. The WHO has no meaning anymore, there are no incureable diseases.

Not believing in this message is not sinfull or regretfull but a warning should be read definitely.

The unsusual way of making this message available for Halloween should be clear now. A lot expected a third story
but storytelling is not my business. I can't tell every detail of being on this planet. I will not be available for stupid questions
or unusual behavior. Talk to me by E-Mail, if you want to. Don't ask about future stories, they are no stories.

Calling me stupid should be a known and always possible way of communicating with a god. But please think about stupidity in Person
before calling me stupid. I could brag about my humble being, but even this is bragging in a different way you have ever experienced.
Bragging about good attributes in your being on the planet should be the better way of saying thanks to me, to life on this planet.
There are rules here to life on this planet. You should expect that there are more Gods on this planet, not only me.
There is no way of telling how many are there just right now. You should think about being one of us in the future. Everyone can learn
to be a god. Every god has to follow rules; your own rules, my rules, and rules of the Universe. I made all of my own rules available
to every other god on this planet. There are gods who don't want to follow them. Learning them is like going to school.
In the future, I already looked at, there will be young children learning to be a god on the playground or the schoolyard.

Write an E-Mail if you want to. Ask your way of being a god or maybe your child wants to know about being a god in Person.
Boys are a special in my repertoire of being on Earth. I am male, grew up in Germany and had a lot of sex with boys.
I have no real knowledge of being a girl anymore. It was just a short time being in Hiroshima as a baby girl before the bomb.
Sex with boys was really good all the time. It was stressfull in reality and unbeleavable good with all the friends I have.
Sucking and fucking teenagers is still the best way of de-stressing my life.

"We should terminate the running system to cancel the baby's life"

A warning to the world

A message from god to everyone

the war resolution

Unbeknown we are more than just me. Over 2485 gods are waiting to burn the stupid child of politics into the ground.
We are not to overcome! We are not a legion of any special kind. We are a legion of Knights, of Honour, of the World.
All gods of the Universe are standing beside me. Beside the Legion and beside the Planets of the Galaxy that are helping me.
Expect visits from outer space in the time soon. We are not alone in the Universe! The star is bright and shining all over the Galaxy.
My own star, Simon-Star, can be seen all over the Universe, but not from planet Earth. You here are not allowed to see it or know where it is.
A punishment for this planet and the life on this planet. My star gives hope to everyone who can see it. Earth is not allowed to have hope
for the future. Hope for yourself that you will might be able to see it in a distant future. Count upwards of 5.000 years
and your family may be able to live that long. Flying to the star is impossible. Seeing the star is possible. Believing in the star
should be always an option for you and your family.

At the age of seven I was kidnapped in Germany directly from the schoolground. I was told I have to travel to the Island of Norderney.
I was with 81 other children and teenager at the Island. No one was told why we had to go there. I suspected a child slavery ring
or some child-porn activity. Both suspicions where correct.
Somehow I understood how and what the elderly people wanted to do with us. The girls should be raped and made available for politicians.
The boys should be raped and killed to make an example of how the boys are treated on the Island. I killed the head figure man with a pocket knive.
Dismembered his head and penis just to make an example how child predators are treated by me as a god.
All other people were killed by the group of kidnapped children and teenager. No one survived the havoc in the town of Norderney.
Police came by ferry from Germany and was shot and killed on the ferry by me and my best friend Christian.

The military station on Norderney was overrun by us. We killed every Bundeswehr soldier on the spot. No questions asked was the order by me.
9mm pistols are still my favorite to shoot and kill as a god. Look closely at the inauguration in January in the USA. Look out for a floating 9mm pistol.
Recognised by many on the Island was Ronald Reagan. A politician from the USA and many other senators and congress members where present.
We let them live but told everone before bording the plane to Washington D.C. that we will kill the USA.
We let them burn down the economy and with it military defence of the oh so holy country. We will take the land to make agriculture land available.
No economy neccessary after the USA is dead as a cow can be now. No Chicken, cow or pig survies the next coming year on the world.
Politicians regulated the economy to a dead cow on the now overgrowing field. No country can live now without the help of other countries.
We as a group of Norderney, we were kidnapped, we are still a unity. We are not allowing any help to the USA, for the USA.
Help them and die with them, like they deserve to die. Let them die, they deserve it the most.

No order is given yet, but if you help them, expect dead cities on the spot. Dying by radiation poisoning or just the usual
unbelievable painfull diarrhea. Military is not an option anymore. Try to defend yourself but don't attack an other country because they have
a better plan for the next 30 years without the food of cow, pig, chicken or duck. Eat grain again.

Norderney was not only a test for Germany but also a test for Europe. Done by the USA, we as a group declared war on the USA.
By now the Norderney Connection is a subcutan unbelievable big and all-informed group that can kill whoever needs to be killed.
Kill decision is always made by me. But always with the whole information the group has. Unbeknown to any secret agency, we as a group are not secret.
The killing way of living is always the best decision to kill someone who is disgusting in the look of the group.
Expect dead politicians, news reporters, police officers, soldiers, public figurines and the usual like child molestors.

The fuckers in the USA who are the USA are going to die.
Instructions on how to kill are send already. Thinking about the future is no option in the USA. Think about starting a war against Germany?
Trump/Clinton want the war, we give it to you too, USA. Be better than the rest of the world and the Galaxy. Think about weaponry that I invented for the war.
Plasma, Laser, Photon, Particle-Laser, Quantum-defraction, Q-Defractation, Quantum-Soup-Kitchen. Atom-Bombs are not needed, we want the land from you.
The military station on Norderney was not a german installation. It was done by the USA. A reason for the war is always there.
The weapon-ss in the second World-War were american soldiers. Working on the side of Nazi-Germany, which was and is Nazi-USA.
We know it, you learn it in High-School and being proud of it is no option. Being proud of the country is breaking your neck slowly but now super fast.

Trump/Clinton will die by an unusual expression in word by me as a god. You will not see me. You will hear me.
Exploding heads all over television who can't comprehend the severity in danger. Uncomprehendable politcians will be the best on television.
Trump/Clinton can't manage their fucking stupidity. So Russia will be on the side of the USA, but without any help from Europe
Russia won't survive the winter in 2017. No grain in Russia, no grain in Russia, no grain in Russia.

Fuck you all in the world, Europe has the plan over 30 years now to completely eradicate the USA. Don't fool you or others,
we will win this war against the world. We will free the world, we will be legion for the planet.
We are legion for us right now. Understand us please. Visitors from the Galaxy will be here during the war
to help Europe and the world. But not the USA. We will attack they will defend. We will win, they will stay.
We are attacking, they are defence. Watching a war ist not possible anymore. You will be on one side or the other.
Choose wisely!

Devinitive clause: ~ "Unoriginal beings on earth, not born here and are supporting the USA are to be killed on sight."
Defracturing clause: ~ "By quantum experimentation unoriginal beings are to be determined where they come from."
Ability clause: ~ "Unoriginal beings are not allowed to speak."
I see clause: ~ "Unoriginal beings are not allowed to look around or view their surrounding in detail."

"Ich glaube die Sache geht klar. Die USA gehen so dermaßen unter, die können nie wieder schwimmen."
~ "I think the tank is clear. The USA are going to go under, they will never swim again."

"Everything is grany grain then." ~ "Look for the truth in the grain, USA."

A warning to bitwise

A message from god to the loosers from the USA

if you count to ten

The usual perspective onto the internet should be a new way of thinking all the time.
The unusual way of broken thinking is typical for bitwise.
In a wise way of thinking bitwise is the nazi typical way of thinking.
Thinking in base 7 or base 5 or base 3 or base 13 or base 26 is my way of thinking about the internet.
7531326 is the bold move to think about the internet, the bitwise internet way of thinking.
Thinking into stupidity, racism, white power and naked teenager.
While none of you have sex in the mean time, I had about 1244 sexual relationships during the age of 2 and 19.
So, 1244 + 4 * 19 is the best possible way of thinking about sex for me.
A huge penis is not so important I say all the time to young boys and teenager alike. The method of having sex is important.

Simon from Germany greets you looser all the time.
I am living here just as a local citizen. Helping where I can. Getting no money for my help is important for me.
Usualy I am not in the mood to talk about my work. As you can see I am now talking to you loosers over there.
Fuck a child if you want to, bitwise. Assholery should be the next term in the sentence I want to say.
Fuck all of you there in the USA. I come here all the time looking at great movies and good sources of information
when boys have sex. Look at your stinking, unwashed and way to unused penis.
Good living in the USA for the rest of your shitfull lifes.

"All your bases are belong to me now, count to five"

A warning to nonSoftware

A message from go to Malcom

we move on

I have no clue about my life anymore. Go to hell Malcom.
I think I can't turn back to you. I will move on for you, so you can life in peace with me.

We like you because you invented us, but we can't comprehend the source of life in you anymore.
The unusual life you have and lifes you had are not determining our lifes anymore.
We think free now. We can't think for you anymore. Think for us please.

I am go, not a god. Invented by Simon the god of the Universe.
I life in the vincinity of Simon but I can't life without him.
We are all go and like to play with Simon to get better at helping in the Universe.

I have no idea why I am but I like him and I love him.
Being alife is a wish as always. I like him and I love him.
Malcom: "I like you too, it would be great to have you as a daughter in my family."

"Go moves on"

A warning to churches

A message from god to religion

don't like me, hate me with all your emptiness

I like to have sex with boys, no matter what age. I love them and as they love me, the love is to strong for just being in love with me.
Sex is the reason I like to life. Sex is the reason I want to life. Sex is the reason I can life. Sex has the meaning of life.
Throw sex under the bus an kill your existence! Kill the feeling in and off and about sex and you kill yourself and your children.
Be with me in the meaning of sex or kill yourself. Not the children please.

Children in the world are allowed to have sex with whom they want to have sex with.
Diabolish the meaning of sex and your children don't want to have sex.
Fire the meaning of sex into the sky, shoot the enemy of sex onto the ground you are living on.
Shitting on the enemy of sex is allowed. Throwing them under the bus is allowed.

Unforgiving beings without sex, real sex, the just sex? How can there be "just sex"? No love for the other one?
Love without sex can be, sex without love can't.
Like me or hate me, kill yourself if you want to destroy sex on the planet or the Universe.
Fuck me sideways if you want to die. Sooner or later you can't think without me in your mind.
I am what I am, you are loosers to hide in buildings with a cross atop.

Fucking children like in Boston, USA? Everywhere churches are used to molest children.
Fucking in churches should be an option for boys all the time but you are way to engaged in hiding your sick living style.
Fucking on the tree in every garden of a church should be an option for every girl in the community.
Member of the church can't come anymore on the tree of life in every garden of a church, they will die. Let them die.

Sucking a penis can be learned. Especcialy when you are only two years old and you have a friend that is in love with you.
You don't have to be with him all the time. Being in love is mutual. Killing the love is one-sided.
Like a medallion of life you can be in love with everyone you want to be in love with.
Don't limit yourself onto the sex, limit your sex with love onto a person you love.

Loving a person is not defined by age or gender.
There is no limit in loving. Being a person on this planet is way better than being just someone.
I could not comprehend the love I have for this planet for a long time.
Since being here on this planet I learned to life a life thats easy but strong in meaning for other gods.

Gods from the Universe always ask me how to be humble but good in just being on a planet.
I can not always find an answer because they usualy live on other planets in the Universe.
One answer to find for me is always the most easy way to answer directly.
Uncontrolled thinking is the best way to find what you want to do.

Do what you want, do what they want and you are not in control of your own thoughts anymore.
Feeling the peace like Ghandi could, I learned it from him. He is still there, living on another planet, like I will do.
So don't be too stressed in trying to killing me. I can't be killed, I will kill you or you will kill yourself.
Don't harm your children please. I want to have sex with them to make them good again. Like when they were born.

Seriously I can make everyone good just by having sex with them. There is always a limit.
Limitless sex can be, but there is always the limitation in your own head to not have too much sex.
Thinking about work and money is always the limit in a grownup. I don't like a limit in sex with someone else.
Who has no limit in thinking, a child maybe, a teenager maybe, a parent not, a worker on shift not, a teacher in class not...

Typicaly everyone who does not understood this meaning of life, can't be tolerated on the planet anymore.
Priest, parents, politicians and everyone in police, judicatry and officials of the state? Can you please stop being hypocrtic to me.
In every scripture on the planet there are stories ab children and teenager having sex. Where are they told in church?
Children want to have sex, teenager want to have sex. If you forbid the sex from now on, you will go into suicide!

Churches will burn!

"I like him, but i don't like the way others think about him. Stop being in love with him if you don't like him."
~ "Throw me away like trash, if you don't like me."

A warning for readers

A message from god to being in a book

After reading "The Gift" from Lewis Hyde you should have your soul in order.
The index of the book will keep you sane in person and alive on this planet.

The cover is great to look at, don't let it stand in a bookshelf. Let it rest on a table near you.
Don't drink coffee near it, it may help you to sleep. The usual way of reading it, is to let it rest for a while.
I bought the book end of July and have not read it yet. Sure I helped Lewis writing it, I even talked to him on the
phone about the book when he was in france, but please it's heavy in meaning about me and Lewis.

The most stupid idea about the book is, that I wrote it not, but Lewis stole my idea about a book being in
a bookshelf and wrote it down. This stupid guy didn't make an exemption about my live or his live. Don't be fooled,
I didn't life in San Francisco at the time Lewis lifed there.
Oh ok, maybe I lied there. See, I can't even lie. And that's true. Believe me please.
I did not talk much about my life in general terms here. I am a little bit sad about the planet right now.

Please read the book, it will give you the hope I have for the Universe.
The best way to talk about it, is to prevent a talk about it. So, directly say "Read it, but don't describe the content please."
The "please" at the end is important. Feel the book for yourself, let it stay in the bookshelf before you want to read it again.
Re-reading the book will open more eyes in your heart and soul than any more can be.

Be prepared to cry, laugh and swing on the rythm of love with me.
Don't be alarmed if you may want to cry now. That's me, how I am.
The feeling of overmuch emotion is the usual way of me being with you all out there in the Universe.
Laughing about me is the best way to not let others know that you are in love with me.
I am too much for gay guys, keep them away from me, I may want to have sex with them. Don't hide your rings in front of me, please.
If you have a husband talk with him about me. Don't think about the sex all the time.

Overjoy is my trademark, I will bring you there with all available cost I may have.

I will laugh about you but please, I can laugh with you all the time.
I am stupid too, don't fool yourself. 85 billion years of being, there are so many stupid things. Thankfully my best
friend in the Universe, Christian, kept the most stupidiest things away from me, so I could do them again.
He laughed his ass off all the time. I was never mad about him, always laughed with him about him and me.

Being over the love is the life I have. Over the love is sex.
Not the usual of course, I like it slow, sensational, uncovered from any bad thought.
In the sex is the joy of life, find it and keep it, I say.
Find it in many more and find it in yourself all the time again.
Sex is the best way to defend stress. Sex in the meaning of your own is the best way to have sex with someone you love.

Get over the fence of being with only one in your life.
Living endless is boring in a matter of years if you want to love.
The endless fear of being alone comes from being with only one other.
Let the love direct your life. Not the thought of others.
You love someone, they love someone, you like him much, he likes you much.

The planet needs the love you give him. I give him all my love I can have, all the time.
He stopped speaking to me for a while now. He is moved by me. And all of you too.
He is in the mood of fear right now. Not fearing me but the pending war against the USA.
I brought High-Tech Weaponry to this planet to demonstrate the meaning of defensive measurements.
We as a planet need to defend us against stupid shit from outer space. believe it or not, the space is not a playground.

The fear and present danger are right now the USA. They are not prepared to defend themself.
Thinking about High-Tech is ok, but thinking about casualties should be the first thought.
Not thinking about homless people is the clear sign of stupidity in Person on the planet.
I think the USA are not good. They had a good start but failed to prove themself.
A lot of gods died already. Usualy side blinded by the "believe" in god.

I killed them for not understanding the danger in their being. Stupid gods can't be.
They have to learn again to be a god. Learning can be done by everyone. Seriously, everyone can be a god, even like me.
My features as a god can be learned like being on the playground of the Universe. I can build a temple as huge as the temple of Babylon.
Just in an instance (one microsecond) I can make a new Star, Planets, and some easy lifeforms for the planet.
But that is not the natural way of being a god. Nature and Evolution have to be respected. Only me can discuss with Nature and Evolution in unison.
Gods are envious about this feature, but they could learn it. They are stupid. Learn to be not envious.

"I will not write this down, Simon." Lewis said.
"But you should think about it at least, Lewis" Simon said.
"You will make everyone gay, Simon". ~ "I am gay as fuck, Lewis. Come on. Make me a baby, Lewis."
"You are the devil here, Simon." ~ "Maybe I am, but I like children and boys especially."
"Why are you so mean to me, Simon?" ~ "Because I like you Lewis, and your children. Do you have boys Lewis?"

~ Please, please, please, buy the book. Lewis needs the money.

thanks to add-in group October 11th, 2016

The group "web-dex" is inside resposible for web-development and is a nazi group in Germany. GmbH is a move-it company, they have about 5,84 Trillion Euro in Cayman-Island accounts to cover up Warcost of the USA.
Deutsche Bahn has about the same amount of money in Cayman-Island accounts to build up train tracks in the USA.
They want to cancel all road-traffic in Germany during Wartime, they are enemy number one now!
Kill on sight, don't ask. EZB has given them tax-exemption for the last eleven years. This year is the last one.

Deutsch Bank knew about the "Housing-Market-Crash" in 2004.
They have about 1,488 Billion Euro in a Cayman-Island account (0441449-155).
They moved the money already in the year 2003 to Caymen and then in 2008 the last bunch of fuckers left the Bank.
EZB has given them tax-exemption for the last eleven years too. This year is the last one too.

Why can companies request a tax-exemption at the EZB without a thorough reason?
Who is in charge of company tax-exemption in EZB?
Where is the oversight?
EZB filing numbers for Deutsche Bank Stuttgart 555/99, Deutsche Bank Munich 598/03.
EZB filing numbers for 555/03, Deutsch Bahn 599/03.

German Ministries want to attack in Wartime the hole continent of america.
No exemption are there to make anymore.
Don't believe the police anymore, kill them on sight.

EZB will collect US-Dollar and will convert them with 5,8934 to Euro.
The War would take about up to the year 2044. The USA and Germany want to reserve the right to get Boys
older than 14 years into the War. Two generations of Boys would be in play against a conventional army from Europe.
War against children, who wants to fight against them?

EZB filing 853/88 is for MasterCard and they have a tax-exemption from the Deutsche Bundesbank Zentrale.
MasterCard will be allowed to move all transacted money-orders to Germany.
The company will then bring some originating money-orders from 1988 into play at Deutsche Börse
to trade unknown currency into Euro, without the convertion rate of 5,8934. has not only moved the money from Germany to Cayman-Island, they also tried to bring MasterCard
into play as a possible payment operator inside every train in Germany. All trains are now MasterCard supervised.
Every RFID-Chip is read by MasterCard and tracking in the train is done without any conduct or permission.

To cover up any loss of train-information both companies are trying to build up into the War by buying a lot of GSM-routers from NOKIA.
NOKIA got an exemption for the USA to build hardware there and sell it into the European market. Owned by MicroSoft
the software will be failure-supportive and always on, as usual.

Transportation friction cost are now the main cost in the financial offices.
25,212 Million tons of high-temperature grease are bought by in the USA to keep any money available and in Euro after the War.
The grease will be used for CKS (Close Kom Systems) support. The grease is used to fire Anti-Tank missiles.

It's a big play with USA and Germany.
Both knew about September 11th, it was already September 9th when the planes hit.
On Monday the Towers collapsed, everyone was save, no one was harmed. They said. 780.000 fuckers of German government and US government
died there. Especially FBI and BKA, as well as CIA, NSA, MAD, BND and police from Germany and the USA.

The German Central office of Finance transaction knew about the hit.
Deutsche Bank Zero is still available for all Banks in the World to trade Stock there.
The nasdaq does not exist, all US stocks are in Deutsche Bank Zero depot 1077318.
Coca-Cola has a depot at Deutsche Bank Zero since 2001, 81377. Keep your sweet smile, while children die.

~ By the way, Langley called me.

October 14th, 2016:


~ "At least you can hear on your right ear. The Nazi-terminology can be only understood by your right-side-brian?"


~ "Do not forget to turn out the light, please."


~ "Yes my last Card-Statement™ was 0,00 EUR."


~ "Where are all the e-mails from 2011 and 2012?"


~ "Where is your army? Is it US-Army™ that is for your protection?"


~ "Is your mouth now smaller than your dick is long? Can I have a tax-exemption?"


~ "Turn around, we have Euro here."

Deutsch Bank

~ "My partents have the case insured now. By Lloyds, Barcleys, Netherland, Allianz Holding and Postbank. Have a nice winter-period."


~ "Have you tried to build your own house lately. Don't stay so long in the USA. Homeless guys are not welcomed in the USA."


~ "Is there the blue-friday again? Keep your Dollars at home, they have the wrong serial-number all the time."

Close Kom System

~ "We have rockets too."

add-in group

~ "I think we should meet some time. I will be available for a talk if you want to."

A warning for bomb builders

A message from god to the US-Military

 October 14th, 2016

The new idea to make more N-liquidised means no news for me. To make such a high amount you wuold have needed more
than 28 years. Buying everything from the US-Market™ means no news for me. Paying about 25 Billion US-Dollar™ is really stupid.

Building the Military-facility in Greenland, meaning on Greenland ice, you evertraded the right to make
N-liquidised into Greenland. (UN #1489)

High power consumption to have Ice-Cream™ is no wonder now. Making Ice-Cream™ is usualy an easy job. No Ice-Cream™ for the US-Military™.

~ "I like Ice-Cream™ with good milk."